Liam Sercombe’s Season Comes to an End

Those that follow Liam Sercombe on Twitter will know that he had an operation on his busted ankle today. He broke his ankle during the home game against Barnet last Saturday (29th December), and was carried off just after the start of the 2nd half.

Grecians manager Paul Tisdale confirmed that the ankle injury which Liam Sercombe sustained against Barnet will result in a sustained period on the sidelines.

Paul Tisdale, speaking on the Club’s website said

Liam’s going in for a procedure this afternoon. It’s an operation just to correct his fracture. It looks like he’ll be out for three months from training, which makes it four months for playing. So to all intents and purposes, it puts him out for the season which is a real shame. It’s a real loss for us.

I’m sure he’s feeling very disappointed at the moment, and frustrated. But it’s one of the things you have to accept in football.

In that Barnet game, he was looking as purposeful and determined as I’ve seen him for a long time. We’ve been encouraging him to find the form he’s shown on many occasions for the club in that midfield role, and he was showing it against Barnet. He’d had a couple of good weeks, so it’s a real shame for us.

Full story on the Exeter City website, here.

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