FA Cup 2012/13: Dons Finally Meet the MK Lot

For many, the tie of the second round was the eventual pairing of MK Dons at home to AFC Wimbledon. It was clear The FA were pleased with the draw, and it didn’t take long for ITV to schedule this as their TV game of choice. Plenty of rhetoric from both sides and neutrals on the coming together of these 2 teams, such that it’s possible that we’ve all forgotten there is actually a match to be played. May be a replay as well.

We covered the subject before, here, just before we ourselves visited Milton Keynes for a League 1 game. It’s natural for many Grecians to support AFC Wimbledon. A another Trust owned club, plus football fans tendency to support the underdog.

There will be plenty there on Sunday to watch the game. AFC Wimbledon have taken delivery of some 2500 tickets for the away end, and have sold most of them. Despite many Wimbledon fans saying they’ll boycott the game, and will watch the game ontele at Kingsmeadow. No doubt the occasion is an historical one, so many tickets will have gone to neutrals who want to witness the game.

Peter Winkleman has tried to be conciliatory, even recognising that he is the villain of the piece (see Guardian here). The FA are keeping quiet, while AFC Wimbledon have banned MK scouts from their ground, and the directors will be with their fans on Sunday rather than enjoying the hospitality on offer to directors.

Will this allow both clubs to move on? No doubt both clubs need to be themselves, with their own history (a huge problem in itself). The past wrongs and rights may provide for some interesting banter, but is not a good business model for each club. It would be helpful for all, if MK became Milton Keynes having dropped the “Dons”, allowing AFCW to be the sole owners of the name.

The meeting of the 2 was always going to be inevitable, either as a cup match or as equals in the league. The chapter closes on this particular story. Unless of course the game goes to a replay.

Oh, one final thought from the author. “Come on Wimbledon”!

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