Exeweb Poll: Does Tis still have your support?

Following Saturday’s 3-0 defeat and yet another below-par performance,¬†Exeweb¬†started a poll. The question: “Do You Still Have Confidence in Paul Tisdale as Exeter City Manager?”. This time last year when we ran this poll owing to demand from Exewebbers the Yes votes outnumbered the No votes by around 10:1 – but this year it’s considerably closer. At the time of writing just over 45% are backing our manager, while around 40% say they no longer have confidence in Tis. Close to 15% are sitting on the fence.

This doesn’t represent a mass uprising, by any means. But the very strong shift from this time last year is telling. If you haven’t voted yet, come and have your say! Get your vote in and let others know your thoughts – it could make a difference to the result.

Voting closes Sunday.

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