Exeweb Launches New Code of Conduct

Ever since the current management team took over the running of Exeweb in January, we have been intending to refresh the Forum Guidelines. We wanted to place an emphasis on our intention to maintain Exeweb’s fierce independence at the same time as stamping out personal abuse that had overshadowed the forums in the months preceding our taking over the reins.

It has taken us a little while longer than intended, but this week we have finally published our new ‘Code of Conduct’. In a way the delay has been useful as it has enabled us to ensure they are written from a position of experience, instead of us coming in and seemingly forcing new guidelines on people.

The new Code of Conduct is not much different to the old Guidelines that have been in operation for years – but they do emphasise our views on abuse and how importantly we view keeping discussions on topic. They also take into account the extra focus on the legalities surrounding social media that has developed in recent years.

I think they also reiterate our determined intention to be as inclusive as possible. We will always be tolerant to the very wide and differing views of all members and groups and that is exactly why we exist. We will never stifle decent debate just because we disagree with what members are posting. The forum will remain an independent but inclusive outlet for any City fan wishing to express their views – however extreme they may be. But we do think that in the last few months we have successfully managed to run the forums in a way that promotes discussion and debate but discourages abuse.

You can view the new Code of Conduct here. And if you have any comments feel free to join the debate in the Exeweb.com Development Forum.

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