Is Beetroot the Key to City’s Success

It’s always interesting to see PR pieces that Exeter City send out. Many I’m never quite sure that they are of interest, but then I saw this one that relates to a beetroot drink that a local Exeter company have produced that is being used by City players. It really did need further reading.

Some of you may have heard of a city-based drinks manufacturer Cobell. As well as a range of fruit based drinks, they also produce a natural sports performance drink called PWR+ The key components of the brand new beverage being beetroot juice.

Beetroot has been known to have natural benefits, I think it’s something to do with betaine/betanin (you can look this up on wiki). This had been researched by Exeter University  but of course it doesn’t taste too great on its own! So Cobell combined the beetroot with sour cherry juice, coconut water and blueberries.

The purpose of PWR+ is that it works to enhance the body’s natural systems; improving training endurance, in-game performance and post-activity recovery.

Exeter City Chief Executive, Julian Tagg, said:

In competitive sport you look at every opportunity possible to gain an advantage.  We believe that our relationship with the PWR+ brand will help ensure the players perform to the best of their ability and would like to thank Nick and his team for their support.

Nick Sprague, CEO and Founder of Cobell, the producers of PWR+, said:

We’ve been working with the Chiefs for a while now so it gives us a great sense of pride to be able to work with Exeter’s other jewel in the crown ECFC.

So, is beetroot the root of the red’s success so far this season?

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