City fans online shopping mean money for the Trust. April Report

City fans have continued to support the Trust when shopping online. Stores used in April included:

Marks and Spencer

In March the amount City fans raised was £21.63, from expenditure of £695.69.

How do we do this? Simply by ECFC fans making their purchases via our shop on the Spend and Raise website

Quite a few online retailers have signed up to Spend and Raise (known previously as Buy.At), and offer commission to charities, football trusts and other such organisations. The cost to the purchaser of this commission is exactly zero.

One website worth looking at during the month of May is the jewellery website thejewelhut. Not only has this website got some good deals, it will also gives a good commission to the ECFC Trust.

So, if you are buying a book from Amazon, a CD from or booking a room through or Expedia then you should head to the website.

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ECFC Trust and Spend and Raise fund-raising

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