Things you dont see anymore

Red Robbo

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Aug 11, 2004
Never in one place long enough.
Antony Moxey said:
'My other car's a Porsche' or 'This is my other car' Hahaha - split my sides laughing. You have a Porsche, yet today you choose to drive a clapped out Metro with rust everywhere. Oh it is your other car? No sh*t Sherlock, as if a feral pikey such as yourself could ever afford a Porsche anyway.
Moxers. You've baited me, disagreed with me, ****** me off, made me think you could be a jobs worth rozzer or a sad complaining letter writer, I could go on. However, this post is worthy of a literary prize. The phrase 'feral pikey' has had me chuckling for days. For that I'll buy you a pint.

Back on topic. She's wearing Harmony hair Spray......