Taylor turns down approach from other club


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Dec 6, 2004
Fingers uncrossed and looking forward to next seas
The thing is that football is a fickle business as Rob Edwards found to his cost. Taylor is still learning the manager's job, he has plenty of time to move on. The treatment of Tisdale showed that the club will be loyal to a manager and Tisdale waited for the "right" move for him, which is fair enough. At some point I can see Taylor moving upwards. If we get automatic promotion this year (or heaven forbid actually win the league) then he will get plenty of interest next season.


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Apr 25, 2004
Been an MT fan from the start and although I've had the odd doubt here and there he has far more positives than negatives so far but surely too early to be considered for other jobs?

He fits a certain profile which appeals to lots of owners. A natural leader. Must say I have been impressed by how he has given youth a chance again this year when I thought he might rely more on the 'old boys club' to see him through. As others have noticed he seems sharper tactically than he is given credit for too (this was one of my concerns).
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