Model kit Building (Hobby Thread)

Colesman Ballz

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Dec 28, 2014
Do they still do them at Exeter Arena?
AS Lez has posted, Bulldog Fairs do four a year at Westpoint on Sundays, the next one is on 3rd Nov. I was at Newton Abbot Racecourse where Ray Heard Toy Fairs organise 5 0r 6 a year, again on Sundays, the next one being Dec 1st. He also organises 3 a year at the Matford Centre but these are on Saturdays and can clash with Footie, although they do tend wind down by around 2pm.

A good resource for information on-line is the UK Model Shops Directory which carries two Events Diary Listings, one covering Toy Fairs and Swapmeets, the other Model Railway Exhibitions.