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Red Bill

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Dec 9, 2011
I would assume that Matt Taylor is on a contract not too dissimilar to Tisdale's last one, i.e. that he is very well paid as a Division Two manager, particularly if performance elements are built into that contract. He is also well aware that the Trust is not in the habit of sacking managers. After all Tisdale would probably have been sacked six times over during a similar tenure at another club. He is also aware of the Trust ethos of succession planning. Consequently he would be absolutely stupid to seek potential short term gain at any other club whilst risking the usual manager go round scenario.
I believe that he has made such an impact that he will grow with the club, much more than Tisdale could ever have done. Everyone loves Matt Taylor for his forthrightness.
I'd be really surprised if Taylor's contract is any way near the contract offered to Tisdale. Why would it be? It's no secret that it wasn't just the rolling nature of Tisdale's contract that was causing unrest but also the amount he was paid, particularly as we were at the time constantly pleading poverty. For all my misgivings about Tisdale in the second half of his spell with us, he did have 15 years experience of management, won two promotions for us (plus was it 4 with Team Bath?) and equalled our highest league finish in the 4 tier era. Matt Taylor however, despite his encouraging start, has no previous experience and has won nothing.
If a contract similar to the one offered to Tisdale, was given to Taylor, I would seriously question whether the drive towards good governance from a couple of years ago, actually fell on deaf ears. I would not be happy to discover MT is being paid more than average for L2, and given his rookie status, even that would seem generous and leave little room to reward him for any real success he achieves, without putting us back in a situation where we're paying more than is sensible for a club with our financial realities.