Crewe Alexandra v Exeter City Matchday Thread

SEA Grecian

Oct 14, 2018
A tough test this one...

One can only hope..UTC
Really looking forward to seeing Crewe play as I've heard a lot about how good their passing game is supposed to be. However, we did a good job in the second-half of the game against Swindon of denying them the space to get their passing game going so am hopeful we'll do ok. It's clear from his interview that Matt Taylor has been thinking a lot about how many changes to make to the team today. Personally, I would love to see Ben Seymour given another start but then I'm always biased towards one of our own. However, Matt Taylor is concerned about us not taking our chances and he is the best natural finisher available - I know it's a step-up but he's consistently scored goals at whatever level he's played.


Jun 2, 2018
A few teams playing each other in the top 10 today so it's a good chance to pull a few points clear of some. Having said that today is going to be really tough and would take a draw up their, anything better then happy days!!

Snoop Fog

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Jun 29, 2007
Crewe allegedly play a decent brand of passing football, the Barcelona of League 2 I hear.

We've been in that bracket before ourselves, particularly in the early/mid years of the Tisdale reign. If there's one thing we learnt from that period of our recent history its that we didn't like it when we were roughed up. So today we need the likes of Bowman, Parkes, and Taylor to raise their game and bully the opposition, hope for a soft ref, and stick it up them from the word go. 'They don't like it up em'