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Thread: Tattoos - Like or loathe ?

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    Re: Tattoos - Like or loathe ?

    Quote Originally Posted by STURTZ View Post
    Nothing more pitiful than a misspelt tattwo.
    Something like that. Johnny Gurkha the famous tattooist who's studio was outside the main gate of Nee Soon Barracks in Singapore once scribed a list of names on my mate Willy Cunningham's arm under the title 'Role Of Hounor'

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    If i had to agree with you we would both be wrong !

    Re: Tattoos - Like or loathe ?

    Wasn't there a guy in South America who wanted his football club crest on his back Boco Juniors apparently but the guy in the chair did him a full back piece with River Plate instead ?

    Imagine asking for an ECFC crest getting up a few hours later to find toy have that lot down in Cornwall's sinking ship !

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    Re: Tattoos - Like or loathe ?

    Don't really care. Not my bag but other folks having them doesn't cause me any offence.

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