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Thread: Ahem

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    Re: Ahem

    Quote Originally Posted by STURTZ View Post
    Love to see Torquay back in the league me, had some great days down at Plainmore, be nice to go down there (and win) again.
    Can't get my head around the "love in "for Torquay United,yes Derby days were great if we won ,but they are local rivals and a lot of their fans can't stand us,yes they are doing well but they are full time and it's national south.

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    Re: Ahem

    Due to our pathetic attempts in the FA Cup once again spent a pleasurable afternoon at Plainmoor yesterday.

    Quite a few greens up there I noticed in the Union pub before the match.

    And to Porky who was communicating that he would attend could not be located in the boots and laces facility before the game. What's the matter a supporters bar not 'corporate' enough for you dorkus ?

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    Re: Ahem

    Blast from the past col46... not seen you on here for a while..

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    Re: Ahem

    You have been AWOL too Lez.

    All well matey ?

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