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Thread: Calling all Real Ale fanatics.

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    Calling all Real Ale fanatics.

    Following the Camra Real Ale festival at SJP some months ago i have acquired 14 Pump plates for the following Real Ales;

    The Exeter Brewery - Darkness winter special port stout.

    The Exeter Brewery - County Best.

    S A Brain & Co - The Rev James original.

    Skinner's Brewery - Cornish Trawler.

    Skinner's Brewery - Betty Stogs.

    St Austell Brewery - Bucket of Blood.

    Bath ales - Barnsey.

    Bath ales - Colorado.

    Wells Brewery - Bombardier glorious English .

    Dartmoor Brewery - Dragon's Breath.

    Dartmoor Brewery - Legend cask ale. **

    Countrylife Brewery - Golden pig.

    Keltek - Wayward Knight.

    Blackpit Brewery - Goshawk.

    All are in plastic with the exception of Dartmoor Brewery's Legend which is metal.

    They are 'Free to a good home', first come etc. However, a donation to either Grecian Goal or 19/31 would be oil the path to ownership immensely!!!

    I've sent a photo to Hants and it should be posted shortly.

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    Re: Calling all Real Ale fanatics.

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