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Thread: Odd goings on at Rotherham

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    Odd goings on at Rotherham

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    Re: Odd goings on at Rotherham

    Sorry, but this statement from the South Yorkshire Constabulary "unable to ensure fans safety" is so ironic given that their former officers face charges relating to the Hillsborough FA Cup SF tragedy. This force have acted as to a law unto themselves ever since Thatcher used them as her personal bullyboys in the Miners Strike.

    Wasn't there a case recently where they only allowed in away fans who travelled by official coaches who were bussed in and out immediately before and after the game ?
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    Re: Odd goings on at Rotherham

    Seems odd to have to have a Police presence on any scale for a pre season friendly ?

    Interesting that the banning of away fans was mentioned.i know that clubs have done that in the past in the 1980s(Luton,Torquay,Colchester) but that was the clubs doing the banning on cost grounds,not the Police suggesting it.

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