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Thread: Dambusters Tribute tonight

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    Re: Dambusters Tribute tonight

    Quote Originally Posted by Terryhall View Post
    Rhead is a thug who has to physically intimidate players to make up for his footballing limitations. Stockley is a good footballer who doesn't shy away from physical defenders.
    Well it seems I got this bit right

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    Hope you're right that home advantage sees us through.
    And it seems you got this bit right

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    Re: Dambusters Tribute tonight

    Quote Originally Posted by RaeUK View Post
    I lived for three years in the vicinity of the Mohne dam, in the early 80s. There was still a lot of animosity towards the British and ill-feeling. Not surprised though. For example, a nearby village had no grandparents living there, they'd all been killed in the raid. Civilian casualties were very high. So, while the raid may have been necessary from a war point of view, it's not something I would particularly feel comfortable celebrating.
    And yet some years ago I read a book about RAF crash sites in Germany were memorials were erected by the local populace. I know from my time in Germany during the 60's that many Germans loathed Nazism. From my Dad's point of view - he wasn't fit enough to join the arm forces and so found himself uprooted from Exeter and sent to build aircraft at Filton, Bristol were he got caught up in some very heavy raids. It was very much turn and turn about as far as he was concerned.

    Also the raid was something to placate Stalin who thought Britain wasn't pulling it's weight.

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