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Thread: Exeter City v Lincoln City Matchday Thread

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    Re: Exeter City v Lincoln City Matchday Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Hants_red View Post
    Kick off for the 2nd half, started with Lincoln's kick off and immediately they fouled Stockley. They needed to go on the attack to get back in the game, but immediately handed the initiative over to us. Odd!
    It happened in the first game too and the same trick was used by Blackpool at Wembley.

    As they kick off by knocking the ball 15-20 yards backwards our centre forward (Watkins at Wembley?) runs toward the ball. But in the centre circle one of their players deliberately blocks him off, felling him to the ground (its more of a physical blow because Stockley doesn't see it coming)

    This ref was the first to spot it and penalise it. Lincoln got away with it in the first leg. I wonder if the ref (like me!) spotted it from watching the first leg and was looking out for it. Its so easy to miss because the ref's eyes will be on the ball not on what's happening in the centre circle.

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    Re: Exeter City v Lincoln City Matchday Thread

    Pate. It was NOT an error by Pym.

    It was all part of a CUNNING PLAN to put off any predatory managers or scouts who may have been watching. #FACT.

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