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Thread: The next five games

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    Re: The next five games

    Quote Originally Posted by Avening Posse View Post
    Still fancy Lincoln, but hopefully we hang in there too. Saturday was my first live game this season, was really surprised at how slow we are to push up the field, a bit more positivity needed I reckon
    Think it's been the same for years. As a unit we're too far backfield, inviting other teams onto us . Our counterattack needs to be good if we do that.
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    Re: The next five games

    Luton are over the the hill and away...forgot them....

    I also think Wycombe and Mansfield will be playoff Certs at least and probable automatic challengers.

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    Re: The next five games

    Tuesday will be very telling fixture list looks interesting if all goes our way we could be handily placed

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