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Thread: Luton (a) Sat Feb 3rd

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    Re: Luton (a) Sat Feb 3rd

    Quote Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
    Does anybody remember if the turnstiles are maned or just put the bar code in
    Perhaps Grecian the Lion can tell you the answer ?

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    Re: Luton (a) Sat Feb 3rd

    Quote Originally Posted by Oldsmobile-88 View Post
    The English Rose pub,which many Grecians have frequented in recent seasons is shut.(the old bill ran a coach from
    there to the ground & back,to save any aggravation)

    There is not much worth going to pub wise apparently(according to someone ‘in the know’) It would appear the only watering hole where Grecians will be made welcome near to the ground is The Conservative Club.A few supporters went in there last season..Don’t think Hant’s & Stroudy were in there.Could be wrong though...
    IIRC, the landlord of the English Rose very sadly died.

    When I was in the area for the fireworks display, I drove past it on the way home and there were lights on and people inside, but presumably was a private thing. I *think* there are possible plans to reopen at some point but presume this is under new management.

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