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Thread: Sam Allardyce

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    Sam Allardyce

    Greed and now we can add delusional self importance and arrogance to his list of less than favourable human qualities.

    He has ruled himself of the Everton job apparently claiming that they were taking too much time over a whether to approach him or not. That's right. The decision on whether to approach him or not. Not the decision on whether to give him an interview after being approached but they were taking too much time deciding on whether to approach him or not so he's come out and criticised them.

    How can you rule yourself out of a job where the employers may not even be interested in you? On that basis i rule myself out of being Scotland boss. Nobody has approached me about the Scotland job but it's tough now as they are taking too long. I don't want it now anyway.

    The arrogance of the man. Maybe Everton don't want your sort in charge Sam? A one dimensional manager with disgusting personal traits. Maybe that's why they haven't approached you?

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    Re: Sam Allardyce

    Yes agreed but he gets results.

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    Re: Sam Allardyce

    He doesn’t. He just about keeps a club above water, but that’s about it. If Allardyce is on your shortlist your only ambition is survival, and then survival by the skin of your teeth.

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    Re: Sam Allardyce

    Cant stand the fat loud mouth git and has been proved to be after just one thing ..... money.

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