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Thread: Match worn and signed shirts available

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    Re: Match worn and signed shirts available

    Asking an extra 5-10 for a match worn / signed shirt sounds like a pretty reasonable price point to me. I think this is a good idea from the club.

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    Re: Match worn and signed shirts available

    A Ethan shirt could be a good investment.

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    Re: Match worn and signed shirts available

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteUSA View Post
    I'd pay some serious money for George Hunters high polo neck thick woolen jersey. The best keeper the club ever had. Unfortunately it would probably be a bit moth-eaten after more than 60 years; and there'd be no name or number on the back!
    Likewise Pete, I've always said I'd pay a fortune for Gordon Dale's tangerine shirt with black trimmings that I saw him wear at Brentford in the FA Cup back in 1958, and which I had the privilege of wearing a couple of seasons later.
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