Great to hear that caretaker manager Richie Wellens has just been given a 2 year contract as boss of Oldham beating off the spectre of high profile Oldham fan Paul Scholes to the hotseat. A victory for the common man! That and the fact that Wellens has overseen a turnaround in form of epic proportions since he took over.

The only negative with this is that inevitable sacking 3 months down the line that always happens when a caretaker comes in, hits the ground running, is given the job on a permanent deal and then it all seems to fall apart soon after. Craig Shakespeare at Leicester the latest. Took over at the end of last season, kept them up and winning many of their remaining games on the crest of a hypothetical wave and then when the dust settles and he's given the job it all goes belly up.

Watch this space. Wellens looking for a new job come the New Year.

Stiil, credit to Oldham in not succumbing to the Scholes bandwagon and giving Wellens a fair crack of the whip. If he bucks my trend then i'll be over the moon for him.