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Thread: Hey Diddle Diddle

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    Re: Hey Diddle Diddle

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    Its not like its a new thing down on Pi$$tofi to ban someone who doesn't back James n Co !

    C'mon then General who's been putting stickers outside the sty of Dorkus ?
    No idea who is responsible for that. And that is 100 per cent genuine
    I do have loads of the stickers though, quite alot of us are in posession of large quantities of them, very high quality I must say.

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    If i had to agree with you we would both be wrong !

    Re: Hey Diddle Diddle

    Well if you are ever passing the Capital of Devon just remember he owns a bit of the hotel along Topsham road !

    Think you need to make a concerted effort like we used to with the "don't buy Ginsters" stickers when we played down there.

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