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Thread: Ade Edmondson column

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    Re: Ade Edmondson column

    Quote Originally Posted by RaeUK View Post
    I love exeweb, me.
    Oh me too. And that is a FCAT.

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    Re: Ade Edmondson column

    For the record I am also no longer sponsoring Ryan Harley's GPS system this season, but I would like to confirm as facts that I do still support Exeter City despite not living in Devon anymore and not being at SJP last Saturday.

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    Re: Ade Edmondson column

    I know there was sometimes talk in the past of putting up a statue of Tisdale at SJP but isn't erecting a column in honour of Mr Edmondson going a tribute too far?

    Fair enough, he writes the occasional interesting City related article in the local rag but ......
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