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Thread: New rules being considered

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    Re: New rules being considered

    Are you sure German and Cameroonian players playing a game in Russia would be muttering in English?

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    Re: New rules being considered

    International language innit.

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    Re: New rules being considered

    Just a query regarding rules of the game. Could be one for Pete in good old US of stateside.

    I was watching an MLS game i'd recorded today and in one passage of play the defender intentionally passed the ball back to the goalkeeper who then took a couple of touches with his feet before picking the ball up and everyone just carried on as normal, including the ref.

    Id the backpass rule only applicable when it's intentional and the keeper picks the ball up straight away otherwise he is allowed to control it then pick it up? Just confused me a bit which isn't difficult but that's the only reason i could think of for basically everyone in the ground not being bothered about what happened with the backpass. It also was clearly intentional, no debate. The defender was totally on his own and played it back to the keeper.

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