Ladies and Gents,

Over the past few days personal disagreements between rival fans have taken over Banter Base.

At Exeweb towers, we are delighted that Greens feel the need to air their dirty linen on our boards. It makes us proud that, in fact, it is us, and only us, that offers a platform of truly free speech . We do not, however (and I will therefore now draw everybody's attention to the forum rules), allow personal abuse or attacks.

If you have mud to sling, and can substantiate your claims here (not by providing links), then feel free to do so, but they will be subject to scrutiny. If any accusations are unsubstantiated and/or cannot be verified they will be treated as personal abuse (WHICHEVER SIDE OF THE RED/GREEN DIVIDE YOU SIT), and infraction points or bans from the forum, depending on the severity of the offense, can be expected.

Exeweb protects no-one, and yet every single one of it's users, and no-one has, is, or ever will be given, preferential treatment.

Those who operate within the forum rules are still here. Those that do not, are not. For very good reasons.

Play nicely.

Many thanks,

The Team