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Thread: Little things that annoy you

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    Re: Little things that annoy you

    Quote Originally Posted by manc grecian View Post
    When you go in hospital and you go through every department and multiple times they ask you your personal details. Are there loads of weirdos out there looking to spend the days having xrays and bits of their body chopped off.
    No Manc, just you...

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    Re: Little things that annoy you

    People who still have a tax disc in their car.


    The cashier at Morrisons who wouldn't let me put 1.04 in a charity collection tin as she said was too much (i went back today and put it in so that's 1-0 to me).

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    Re: Little things that annoy you

    Quote Originally Posted by Hants_red View Post
    Petrol or an electricity powered mower?
    I refer you to my earlier post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Jan Yeo View Post
    Why not imagine both scenarios?

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