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  1. Wellyred

    Travelling with the players!

    Whilst we were driving up to Chesterfield on saturday, we were reminiscing about all the away days and grounds that we've been to!.....when.. we remembered a trip that we made to Scarborough, probably in the 87,88 season, where we travelled up on the team coach and stayed in the same hotel as...
  2. Wellyred

    I'm looking for an honest opinion!

    I haven't been able to make Brighton or Bury...but how did Marcus Stewart fair in the last couple of games. We all have our own opinions on him..but has he shown any justification for Tis playing him. I'm not having a pop, I would value a honest take on his performances.
  3. Wellyred


    Can you please tell me why you closed the"Just got back from millwall and" thread?. Regardless whether the subject had been raised earlier has no bearing on someones ability to air their views...surely
  4. Wellyred

    Our Keeper

    Sorry you load of ass kissers but ive got something on my chest that ive just got to share.....forget the QPR fan here's my little rant. I've just got back from the game....good city performance...again but stupid mistakes have cost us, no more than the opening goal. what the f*ck was jones...
  5. Wellyred

    what went wrong Macca?????

    Just watching the liverpool v reading game and heard the name Brian Mcdermott mentioned a few times as well as seeing a fat bald headed guy........ either this diamond white is getting stronger or that is our legendary dark haired wispy winger??? please tell me its the cider
  6. Wellyred

    When was the last time you used your horn?

    I went round a tight bend earlier today and has to use my horn...then afterwards thought..when was the last time I used that old bugger! So I ask you when was the last time you used your horn..and did you enjoy it?
  7. Wellyred

    Do we realise how good he was?

    The more i think about, the more i dont think we realise how good deano was getting. Think back to the last third of the season, especially down at SJP, he had so much time on the ball. He commanded the whole left-hand side of the park! Is it me or is anyone else wondering how we will replace...