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    Sit Down for the Sausage Train - new episode of The Big Bank Theory Podcast!

    Apart from the dreadful atmosphere the only other thing I remember from the first play-off final was having the misfortune to sat close enough to Martin Rice to witness him acting like he a complete idiot. For those who don't remember he had played in both legs of the semi-final but Tisdale had...
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    Top 5 Worst Away Grounds

    I only went to Scarborough once but, perhaps it's because it was February it has stayed in my mind as a pretty bleak place to watch football. The ground was quite high up and also fairly open so did nothing to keep the wind out.
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    Favourite away ground

    Sadly many of my favourites are no longer with us - Underhill, Gay Meadow, Vetch Field and even grounds like Christie Park and the Old Lawn which I enjoyed visiting in our Conference days. I know it's a while since we played there but I'm surprised that no-one has mentioned Plainmoor. Clearly...
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    Below the National League

    It's not just the fact that our youngsters have missed out on the chance to win promotion but they've also missed out on 8 or 10 games at a time when they would have been expecting to be able to try and impress the management either to earn a new contract or push for a place in the first team squad.
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    Social media presence

    Just thought I'd bump this thread back to the top as the social media team have been doing an absolutely amazing job over the last few weeks! I mostly follow them on twitter and there's been a really good balance of serious and necessary messages with entertaining content. I've certainly much...
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    Best City Loan XI*

    I know he’s a scummer and didn’t play many games for us but Ryan Taylor is still a decent player.
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    So the rumours of playing games behind closed doors seems to have come from just one newspaper article and there has been nothing further on the subject today. Is that right or have I missed something?
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    Not surprised if this happens as I've seen at least one senior medical figure lobbying for the government to be more proactive. Personally I'd prefer matches to be postponed rather than played behind closed doors but presumably matches will be made available to all to watch on iFollow.
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    Former Players

    I can't see Mark Cooper lasting much longer at Forest Green. Tis and Dale Vince could be an interesting combination!
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    It only makes sense to me if this is part of a long-term plan for Leipzig to sign him at the end of the loan.
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    Walsall v Exeter City matchday thread

    This ia what is so frustrating/ baffling about yesterday. Even after the goal had been disallowed it was still 1-1 and we had been the better side and looking more likely to score. However, as this graphic shows instead of pushing on for a win we disintegrated and offered nothing for the final...
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    Walsall v Exeter City matchday thread

    Pleased to see lots of younger players getting their chance. I make it 4 players under 24 and Matt Jay who has only just turned 24. The last time those 5 all started we won 5-1.
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    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    I get the impression the University is primarily focused on attracting wealthy foreign students so not sure they would see much benefit in sponsoring us.
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    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    They probably don't count as a rock group but Wet, Wet, Wet used to sponsor Clydebank.****-football-kits-clydebanks-drippy-wet-wet-wet-strip-1993.html
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    The Probability Thread 2020.

    Ben Mayhew at Experimental 3-6-1 has a very similar figure,
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    Exeter City v Crewe Matchday Thread

    While I agree with your conclusion it's also worth noting that this is not the first time he has refereed us season or the first contoversial decision he has made against us. Add in our history with Brett Huxtable and it's clear this is not a one-off mistake by whoever appoints the referees.
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    Exeter City v Crewe Matchday Thread

    I'm not sure what we can do but there needs to be some sort of complaint made about officials from Devon being allowed to referee our games. Personally I don't think either Brett Huxtable or Lee Swabey are biased against us but why are they put in a position where that is even allowed to become...
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    This is beyond a joke

    Why does it have to be either focus on our Academy or bring in young players who have missed out at bigger clubs. At the moment the club seems to be very effectively doing both.
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    Exeter City v Crewe Matchday Thread

    If I've got my maths right that works out at very roughly 100 000 pounds more income than we were expecting. And hopefully if we stay in the promotion race than crowds will be even more above the original estimates.