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  1. Shabba

    Football fans to be breathalysed

    Hope this is ok to be put on here, not seen a thread about it and apologies if I missed it. Came across this article last Saturday, apparently they were going to breathalyse fans at the Cambridge game. Personally, I think it's a bit OTT...
  2. Shabba

    Super League XVI

    Super League XVI kicked off last night. This year the format has changed and although a little complicated and some rugby league fans moaning about it, personally, I think it is a lot better than previous years. Last year, two teams got relegated, so that the league would be cut down to 12...
  3. Shabba

    Capital One Supporter of the Year Award

    You can now nominate for your supporter of the year award. I've nominated our very own Grecian Greg for his commitment to ECFC which includes selling match day programmes. Think it would be great if other exewebbers did the same.
  4. Shabba

    Bertie Cozic running the London Marathon

    Hope this is ok to post on here. Ex City player, Bertie Cozic, will be entering this year's London marathon. He's doing it to raise money for Rett UK. His daughter Lily who is 3 was diagnosed with this. If anyone would like to sponsor him then please go to...
  5. Shabba

    Three Good Reasons To Come To St James' Park This Saturday

    Received this email today from Laurence, and personally think it's a good idea to help try and get the people through the gates, especially with it being so close to Christmas.
  6. Shabba

    St Helens 10k Run - March 2015

    Hi all I am taking part in the St Helens 10k next March. Those who know me know I have never been the fittest, but having the gym a few months ago, I decided enter this as a target. Due to my operation the beginning of September and the amount of pain I was in the month before, I have been...
  7. Shabba

    Who Will Be Hosting This Year's Exeweb Awards?

    Will the baton for this be handed over? IIRC last year's was a bit unorganised.
  8. Shabba

    A message from the trust and supporter's club

    Saw this on fb. I guess this was inevitable and at least it's a donation.
  9. Shabba

    FAO Silver Fox

    Can you delete some of your PM's please, your inbox is full matey.
  10. Shabba

    Loyal or lack of ambition.

    So I had an fb message from someone related to one of the backroom staff, telling me we'd regret it if Tisdale left. He'll end up managing a championship or prem team. Apparently he's had loads of offers from club's but he turns them down to stay loyal to city. Surely if a bigger club came in...
  11. Shabba

    Northampton v Exeter Matchday Thread

    Could today be the day for the first 3 points of the season? Safe journey to all travelling Grecians. UTC
  12. Shabba

    Credit where credit's due.

    Popped to the club today as wanted to buy a few bits from the shop while I were in exeter. The shop wasn't open (kelly had had to run errands, I arrived just on normal opening time). Went into reception and after explaining why I was there, Mike Cooper asked Justin Quick if he could open up the...
  13. Shabba

    Club shop!

    Sorry, I couldn't find the original thread. Whenever I have gone on this link all I have been able to see is a few shirts and clothes, scarf/pin badge. Last night I was given this link which gives you...
  14. Shabba

    Tagg to become interim chairman?

  15. Shabba

    1st Team Physio Vacancy Previous physio left a couple of week ago and has gone to Oxford.
  16. Shabba

    Posties standing up against Free Sun Newspaper Deliveries The Scum Newspaper are set to send out free copies of their trashy paper to coincide with the world cup. They struck a deal with Royal Mail, to do the deliveries...
  17. Shabba


    Does it actually exist? Is there any need for medication? Or is it down to just poor parenting and naughty kids? Discuss.
  18. Shabba

    Any more news on Brazil?

    Has a game been confirmed yet? Seems to have gone very quiet or are the club keeping those who have paid up, informed?
  19. Shabba

    Why haven't we done this? I suggested this to the club quite a few years ago, but was dismissed (unsurprisingly). It's relatively simple to run and can bring in a fair bit of revenue if done correctly. Ok, the money would probably be wasted, but why can't our commercial team...
  20. Shabba

    Cheltenham game kick of delayed to 3.07pm

    The FA have announced that every english football league fixture including the conference between 11-14 April will have a delayed kick off by 7 minutes, as a mark of respect for the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough.