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  1. tonykellowfan

    NFL 2019

    Any American football fans out there? I have been enjoying the matches this season, great shame that Mahones got injured last night. Can't quite believe that the 49ers have gone from the second worst team last year to one of only 2 unbeaten teams this year.
  2. tonykellowfan

    Jamie Cureton of Bishop’s Stortford

    Nice write up on Cureton in today's Guardian:
  3. tonykellowfan

    The Spectator

    Not sure how many spectator readers there are on exeweb, but we get a mention this week:
  4. tonykellowfan

    Devon caravan park with an indoor swimming pool?

    A bit random, but can anyone recommend a caravan park (with static caravans for hire) in Devon/Dorset that has an indoor swimming pool?
  5. tonykellowfan

    Next game is crucial

    I can't help feeling that Lincoln and MK Dons will take two of the autos this season. Which leaves one place to fight for and I fancy FGR could well be our main rivals for that spot. Since we play FGR at home next up, I think this is a true 6 pointer.
  6. tonykellowfan

    MK Grecians?

    Anyone know if there is anywhere showing Thursday's game in the MK area for local Grecians to meet up?
  7. tonykellowfan

    2 from 5

    So with 2 or 3 games left for teams in league 2, Stanley and Luton are promoted and 2 more will join them, probably 2 from 5. I just checked the odds and we are 6/4 to go up, which seems very short to me. I can see us losing out to Wycombe for the automatic spot and then we are in the lottery...
  8. tonykellowfan

    Corruption at Liverpool, someone we know gets a mention
  9. tonykellowfan

    Curo gets a mention in Squires
  10. tonykellowfan

    Next sat v Carlisle - watch the youth team?

    Presumably next saturday the first XI will be rested?
  11. tonykellowfan

    Player of the season

    Voting now open I'm guessing a close contest between Ollie and Wheeler?
  12. tonykellowfan

    Injury updates?

    Reid dropped out before the game and both JMT and Watkins went off injured on saturday. Do we know if they are likely to be fit for the derby?
  13. tonykellowfan

    We're in the Guardian "Paul Tisdale untouched by home woes due to people’s mandate in Exeter"
  14. tonykellowfan

    Cardiff sack their manager (who has a record a lot like Tisdale)
  15. tonykellowfan

    Favourite time Exeter smashed another team

    We all love a good win, where we smash the other team and pile in plenty of goals. Two spring to mind, the playoff second leg against Torquay and the Charlton away match where they made it free entry and we won 3-1 I think. Any others?
  16. tonykellowfan

    We could learn from Harry Shame the April Fool joke wasn't true.
  17. tonykellowfan

    Tisdale's win %

    Paul Tisdale 36.97% Alex Inglethorpe 49.44% Eamonn Dolan 41.94% Gary Peters 38.46% So Tisdale's win % is lower than the 3 previous ECFC managers.
  18. tonykellowfan

    My views of ECFC

    I have been supporting Exeter for a long time. From my name you can guess when. I must admit when things turned sour scraping the bottom of the professional game with a poorly run club I lost interest. Alan Ball was useless. When the trust came along I joined and strangely dropping to the...
  19. tonykellowfan

    Administration, -10 points, 0-4 does it get any better?

    And best of all pasoti has to be closed to outsiders as they can't take the mocking any more.
  20. tonykellowfan

    Quality thread on pasoti

    "Chances of staying up." Best quote so far: "I accepted relegation when Noone and BWP left - all I hope now is that Exeter don't send us down. That would be beyond painful and something that would take a very long time to recover from."...