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    One right up the guru's street and straight into his arms, only for it to slip through, but, why do the FA bother with trying to regulate goalkeepers. They are the protected species in the penalty box and also flout the rules without punishment. Three gripes that I have which are not being...
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    A conundrum Exeter City v Stevenage Tuesday 21 January Kick off 7.00 p.m.

    To go or not to go? Downsides Early Kick off, lack of atmosphere, the competiton Upside Cheap to watch, chance to see the future of ECFC, Quarter final of a national competition, personally it is an opportunity to see Stevenage this season as I am at a wedding when we play them in February...
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    December Player of the Month Award

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    Swindon Town V Exeter City Sunday 5/1/20 - An appetiser?

    The women's teams are due to meet on Sunday at Swindon (strangely not at the County Ground) or should I say Fairford. The women are currently lying in fifth spot despite having played the fewest matches in the division...
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    Half way there!

    Prediction from 538 for the rest of the season, which I would take now especially if the scum then blow it in the play offs January will be interesting for Swindon and their Bradford goal machine, if Bradford recall him then...
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    Exeter City versus Oxford Utd EFL Trophy discussion thread

    Firstly it's on a Wednesday night kick off 7.00 p.m. After today quite a few changes I would imagine. Visser Martin A Parkes Moxey Williams Atagana Taylor Collins Sparkes Seymour Fisher Hopefully Ajose might be nearer to making the bench,Tha t would leave a fairly strong bench in theory if...
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    Exeter City V Cambridge Utd Emirates FA Cup 1st Round replay Discussion Thread

    Missed my first match of the season this weekend, and by the sounds of it didn't miss much apart from frustrations. I was in Cambridge watching my daughter row, on the way back I tuned into radio Cambridge and caught the last half an hour of their match with Walsall, by the sounds of it and...
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    Corruption in Egg Chasing

    My oh my what a surprise
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    Attendances and January Window

    As we enter November we are currently standing 6th in the division for attendances with an average attendance of 5145, 727 better than the average attendance for last year where we averaged 4418 which was 345 better than the year before. To date for the eight games that have been played this...
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    Cambridge Utd Versus Exeter City Discussion and prediction thread

    The first of three interesting fixtures which by the end of it should confirm whether we have changed and are up for the challenge of promotion or are just the same old Exeter City failing short just when it matters. Cambridge and Scunthorpe (away on Tuesday) are two fixtures where historically...
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    Exeter City V Vegan Rovers Discussion Thread

    Another top versus second for the second Saturday running for us, with us having a quick opportunity to regain the top spot (as long as we win by more goals than Crewe who are away to Carlisle and Newport who are home to Scunny) In view of the exciting news of the crowd for Bury Argyle at the...
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    Exeter City Versus Leyton Orient prediction and discussion thread

    Matts up on twitter saying Nicky Ajose has picked up a knee injury so he won't be available for the next two games not that we have needed him at the moment, I do think though that he will come good and come the end of the season he could be vital to our success. Also out is Gary Warren Lee...
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    Carlisle Utd Versus Exeter City Discussion and prediction thread

    Saturday sees the long haul up to Cumbria and Eric Kinder, wonder whether we'll pop in for tea whilst we are up hope his wife has got the kettle on. Carlisle have had an inconsistent start to the season currently lying in 18th place after 6 matches with 2 wins (Crawley at home and Scunthorpe...
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    Premier League Cup 2019-20

    This may have skipped people's attention but next month we are due to play away to Cambridge Utd in the qualification round of the Premier League Cup, after they beat Bristol Rovers away in the first qualifying round. This I believe is the must win for the boys to take part in the 4 team league...
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    Exeter City versus Mansfield Town Discussion and Prediction thread

    We next welcome one of the money clubs to SJP on Saturday Mansfield Town whose owners over the years have been trying to buy their way out of the fourth division, it worked for them in the Conference but is proving more difficult in this league. Their owners have aspirations of taking Mansfield...
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    Oldham Athletic v Exeter City Prediction (score crowd & team) thread

    As our slowly moving juggernaut moves along the league trail gradually picking up speed we next encounter Oldham Athletic on Tuesday. Will our speed pick up and our flair players come to the fore or will Oldham puncture our tyres and pick up their first points of the season. Reading their thread...
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    Coventry City V Exeter City Carabao Cup 1st Round - Matchday Thread

    The excitement can obviously be cut with a knife on the anticipation and expectation of this match. An away day(evening) in Birmingham (despite the Title) and the possibility of playing a premiership 2nd or 3rd team await the winners of this tie. A win is a win and will keep up our good start...
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    Start of the Season - Macclesfield at home

    With Macclesfields' precarious position both financially and with their squad, I just can't get excited about the first game of the season. I'll be there among the 4k+ looking for 3 points and an emphatic victory, hopefully scoring at least four (revenge for last season) and our side setting out...
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    Hopes and Expectations for the coming season

    Whilst we still wait for various announcements on signings to be forthcoming from the Cliff Hill and we scour the internet for speculation and rumour what are our hopes and expectations for the coming season. Football side Hopes for automatics, expects a placing in the top seven, hopes and...
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    What responsibility do agents/players have when signing for a club?

    A tadge Naive of me I know, but after the season just gone, with any number of football clubs in dire circumstances for one reason or another, and us possibly losing out to sign a player to a side with average attendances of 1500 (may not be for financial reasons I know that we lost out), I was...