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  1. grecian-near-hell

    Dino visser released

    Not possible we can balls that up ourselves without any help (apart from ineffective referee that is)
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    Grecians 1 Chiefs 0

    On Radio Devon on Saturday Julian Tagg said that the shirt sponsorship had been paid and that no monies were due the amount being around the £50k mark, and that after earlier in the year the commercial team were already onto trying to find a new shirt sponsor. One thing he also quipped about was...
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    Walsall v Exeter Discussion Thread

    Hmmmmmm, difficult to call not just depending on what mindset the team are iin but what team Matt plays which will also have an impact on the team's mindset. Will we see a return of little Matt Jay and Ajose for possibly Collins and L Martin, how far off a return is Maxted and if ready would...
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    Oh well can't be optimistic and a Grecian I suppose
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    City v Crewe build up

    I'm sticking with my March prediction of 5-0, our performances have got to improve someday so why not tomorrow, with an Ajose hat-trick to silence Snoop
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    Crewe 5-1 W Ajose x 3 Collins and Martin A Walsall 1-2 W Ajose & Bowman :ROFLMAO: Salford Win 3-1 W Taylor Diskersen and Williams Scunthorpe 1-0 W Ajose Plymouth 0-6 W Ajose x 4 Parkes and Taylor Bradford 2-1 W Bowman :unsure: Williams 18 points And still in the autos with a more positive...
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    Exeter City v Crawley Town Matchday Thread

    My take was first half despite us having the bulk of the play, Crawley looked the more dangerous our defence looked so disorganised, and we just couldn't pump in any accurate crosses, as someone else has said it was like we had never played together. Two notable chances one fell to Ajose or...
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    He was called all the names under the sun because so much time was added on (5 minute initially, then played 6.4) for no valid reason not for time wasting, get your facts right first when criticising. Or please enlighten me when the time wasting took place
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    Premier League Cup 2019-20

    Now 1-4. Oops sorry scummies perhaps better luck next year
  10. grecian-near-hell

    Premier League Cup 2019-20

    3-1 to the cottagers just as the scummies thought they were back in it at 2-1 Fulham score from a penalty
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    To be fair the ref should have done a lot of things which he didn't on Saturday
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    Midweek League 2 matches impacting Exeter City MDT

    Wasn't concussed then? Cheating ****
  13. grecian-near-hell

    Premier League Cup 2019-20

    The mighty Greenies currently losing to Jays' boys
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    Covered by law 12 and like the other points raised is ignored by referees, why do FIFA and the FA bother to write rules if they are not enforced. However I believe our Goalkeeping and refereeing Guru should be waking shortly and will no doubt enlighten us.
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    Kabongo Tshimanga

    Scored the winner on Saturday against Yeovil, now up to 17 goals for the season and Borehamwood have moved into third position on the back of 15 match unbeaten run and the attendance was ............1040 Big things happening to the 'wood!
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    Loan Report 2019/20

    They are somewhat storming that division, what's the next league up? Or in other words how many divisions are they off the Cornish derby?
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    That was the point I was referring to very over dramatic and takes so long to get back up as well. I fully appreciate that if the boot was on the other foot then I would have been more accepting of the behaviour on Saturday, I still don't happen to like it, but it is only because referees are...
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    One right up the guru's street and straight into his arms, only for it to slip through, but, why do the FA bother with trying to regulate goalkeepers. They are the protected species in the penalty box and also flout the rules without punishment. Three gripes that I have which are not being...
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    Premier League Cup 2019-20

    Right lads,as the old boys denied me a chance on Saturday, can we please have a quick round of 🎶We're top of the league We're top of the league We're Exeter City and we're top of the league 🎶 Thanks for that, sounds good doesn't it? (albeit a small league - but we're still top)