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    Virtual Grand National sweepstake

    No travel, football or pubs has saved me a pretty penny I can tell you. Just a shame my business has gone tits up. Nobody wants fireworks anymore, don't know why.

    UK Lockdown

    With Boris out of the game and the rest of the government Ill or unsuitable to lead step forward the one bloke who is immune and a born leader, Prince Charles. Unite the strife torn country by letting the monarchy take back control. Sorted.

    Model kit Building (Hobby Thread)

    Lightning on permenant display mounted on a post in front of a garage on A38 near Liskeard.

    City Moments You Wished You Could See Again

    My memories of Lammie were him getting sent off Brentford twice (I beleive). Brentford had a similarly feisty player back then, Dick Renwick who got two sending off v us. I asked Lammie about his dubious disciplinary record a few years back at the reunion. He shrugged as if to say, who me?

    City Moments You Wished You Could See Again

    I was there! Funnily enough my moment involved Tone, early days for Kells we were playing Norwich. Kellow turned two players inside out on the corner edge of the penalty area, one was Martin Peters! The upstart from the SW league had done enough, he raised his arms to the adoring big Bank...

    Obituary Thread

    Dan McCauley was a regular at City matches.

    Top 10 City Scorers Of The Modern era.

    Not sure when the "Modern Era" started but Christian Roberts scored 18 in 65 appearances and was as exciting a player as I have seen at City. His goal against Slime was sensational!

    Yay or Nay: The Royal Family

    I expect Prince Phillip is crapping himself....and all this coronavirus stuff must be worrying him as well

    Top 10 City Scorers Of The Modern era.

    Cheltenham reserves. Wheeler had a great record of goalscoring record for us (better than Flack) and was a winger.
  10. STURTZ

    Top 10 City Scorers Of The Modern era.

    Where's Harley? Scored some of the best goals of the last 15 years, scored more than the likes of Coppinger as well. Flack was awful.
  11. STURTZ

    UK Lockdown

    Tell you one thing about this pandemic, pub's shut and no football, I'm saving a fortune! Business is collapsing though!:unsure:
  12. STURTZ

    EFL Football suspended until 30 April

    Now that is actually funny Pete!
  13. STURTZ

    Run out music

    Didn"t we use Liquidator in the seventies?
  14. STURTZ

    Football quiz to pass the time.

    11 Dudley?
  15. STURTZ

    Did Football Ever Really Exist?

    I know a lot about art, but I don't know what I like.
  16. STURTZ

    Did Football Ever Really Exist?

    That's encouraging, I had you down as a total fabrication as well!
  17. STURTZ

    All Time Academy, Youth 11

    Maurice Setters is probably the most successful post war player we have produced.
  18. STURTZ

    I'm bored. Anyone fancy a virtual **** up?

    Bloke over there is a key worker, works for Timpsons down the market.
  19. STURTZ

    Did Football Ever Really Exist?

    Or was it just one of those things like Santa Claus, God or The Euro vision Song Contest. Stuff hat was invented to make us think that life had some kind of meaning?