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    Season Tickets 2019/20

    Haven't seen any news about them. Don't the early bird tickets usually go on sale at this time of year?
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    Our midfield aren't working as a unit

    Probably fed up of watching the ball fly over their heads.
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    Luke Croll

    Finally looks like he belongs in the team. Taken a while but I'm starting to trust that he won't make a ridiculous decision and give a goal away.
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    History Project Film - 'Disability and Football' Just watched this. Some really great stories here [G]
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    Tisdale to Salford City?

    His flat cap would fit in nicely.
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    Ryan Loft in on loan

    Til the end of the season
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    City Community Trust

    Some good news today. The City Community Trust is going from strength to strength. This can only be good for the...
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    Two new signings

    To be announced at 4pm according to the club's Twitter feed.
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    ELF Futures I've seen the likes of Luton and Cambridge report how much they received but can't find anything for us. Presumably we must have received some?
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    Any idea when our retained list will be released?

    I thought this was usually end of May / beginning of June though with the play off final being so late I guess it's been delayed.
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    Vote for new inductee to Hall of Fame Clearly only one winner. Flack, Flack, Flack Attack! Thread title should be New inductee. Not me...
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    Chiefs v City Bake Off

    I've been asked to give this event some publicity... The Room Works are hosting a bake off between Exeter Chiefs Official and Exeter City Football Club and you could win tickets - click on the original post, like the Room Works page and share the post to be in with a chance of winning...
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    Wolves bid for Christian Ribeiro?

    Saw a Wolves News Twitter account reporting this. I'd be surprised if it's true.
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    Who the f*** are Saint Liege?

    Please step forward Mr Fullsy ;)
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    Noone Improves Under Tis

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, I had a quick check and couldn't see it. Anyway this made me smile: Seems like a scathing opinion of Luggy's coaching as well as a glowing endorsement for Tis [y]
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    D&C Constabulary and Millwall

    I see the Echo are doing some more scaremongering on behalf of D&C Police following the trouble at West Ham. Marvellous.
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    I saw Julian Tagg on a bike near my house last week

    I think it was him anyway. Might not have been.
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    Exeter: the hottest place in the country FACT!

    It was just on the BBC weather....27C. Tomorrow is gonna be even hotter. Shame I'm off work this week [H]
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    Tisdale not aiming for the stars? God I'm bored....
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    Away Support Stat Attack

    Pretty impressive stuff: