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  1. Gozzer

    Caravan Avatars

    Go away for a bit, come back and its caravans all over the place.
  2. Gozzer

    Kellows, Ryan on why he came back on loan, Tulls on the teams aim for the season,

    Rumours of my demise have been widely misreported.
  3. Gozzer

    Adam Stansfield 1978-2010

    Adam Stansfield, City's no. 9, my favourite player in the current squad, rest in peace. His passing is a bit like a death in the family. When we commemorate him, we should remember that ECFC is not any old football club, it is special and different. We should do something that is special and...
  4. Gozzer

    The Upstart....

    Because its his birthday.
  5. Gozzer

    The Upstart....

    Happy birthday, Upstart * dies *
  6. Gozzer

    barry Corr appreciation thread

    Controlled aggression would be good. Its the first bit that I fear Barry lacks.
  7. Gozzer

    Did you know...

    Dutch striker Jan Venegoor of Hesselink is sponsored by Scrabble.
  8. Gozzer

    Night owls only

    This is a rare opportunity for me to say tewit tewoo and I'm not going to waste it. That's it, I'm off to bed.
  9. Gozzer

    Songs about Christmas

    Anything by Santa Etienne
  10. Gozzer

    Songs about Christmas

    When the going gets stuffed the tough get going - Billy Ocean
  11. Gozzer

    what price would you accept for Seabourne

    Pre Bosman, I would have rated him around 300K based on his L1 experience and potential at his relatively young age. We would get something for him at tribunal, but I don't have any idea what the last 6 months of his contract are worth to another club. If he is, say, the last piece in the jigsaw...
  12. Gozzer

    barry Corr appreciation thread

    You're beginning to sound like someone who prowls High Streets after dark, looking for trouble, Geoff. This thread is a wind up, right?
  13. Gozzer

    Songs about Christmas

    The best dressed turkey in town - Dr Alimantado
  14. Gozzer

    Now about these Avatar's...

    Working in a coal mine - Devo
  15. Gozzer

    Did you know...

    Fearne Cotton and Fern Britton are sisters. There are two pieces of evidence that prove this. 1) Their names are virtually the same 2) If you close your eyes, they look alike.
  16. Gozzer

    Did you know...

    Due to a contract drafting error, everyone in Europe is due a royalty from the worldwide 1986 hit 'the Final Countdown'. To claim your 6p, write to your MEP, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope.
  17. Gozzer

    A toast Gentlemen

    What is going on at Pasoti? Are they not happy with their new saviour? Is there some discontent at propping up the table?
  18. Gozzer

    Two turtle doves

    Re: Seasons Greetings I can't go along with that whole turtle thing. Do you think I was hatched yesterday?
  19. Gozzer

    Two turtle doves

    Re: Seasons Greetings Prince sang that song 'When Doves Cry'. It was about when they found out that they weren't pigeons. True story.
  20. Gozzer

    Artists you would like to hear covering other artists

    Following on from another thread, I would love to hear Dr Feelgood cover a Napalm Death song. Also: Joy Division covering Lily Allen Kraftwerk covering Bob Marley Iggy Pop covering Joni Mitchell Girls Aloud covering Bauhaus