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  1. Langer

    Red Legion Disbanded

    I won’t rest until the Red legion is reformed.
  2. Langer

    Former Players

    Find it hard to believe he can’t get a full time job within the game.
  3. Langer

    Tisdale out brigade - Mk Edition.

    It sounds like the fan was struggling to spin as there was so much **** hitting it.
  4. Langer

    Carlisle v Exeter City Matchday Thread.

    What a pass by Williams for the first goal.
  5. Langer

    League 2 News

    It’s a real shame but if you can’t play your fixtures for what ever reason you have to start again imo
  6. Langer

    Bury fan in peace.

    Steve Dales business model imo is asset striping of company’s I can think of no other reason why nearly all his others have been liquidated I believe he has set up the debt in such a way there was no chance of Bury Fc survival.
  7. Langer

    Jonathan Forte ?

    Obviously passed a medical when he signed now has no cartilage left in one knee a real shame for all concerned loved him galloping forward best of luck
  8. Langer

    Nicky Ajose

    With sixteen moves/loans under his belt and never really scored consistently long term before being moved on again I don’t think we should expect to much.
  9. Langer

    Cathedral Green - Fire
  10. Langer

    Exeter City AFC v Swindon Town AFC Official Match Day Thread. LD2 17/8/19

    Junction 29 is my personal favourite UTC !
  11. Langer

    Jay Stansfield

    You can’t make a underage player sign a legally binding contract no matter how you invest in the academy.
  12. Langer

    Jay Stansfield

    As the system stands there will never be a way to get a full value fee if a player leaves at 16 on non pro terms as there underage no one owns them as such they are purely playing as a hobby the fact they are at Exeter is no different than if they were playing for Pinhoe or Whipton hopefully a...
  13. Langer

    Jay Stansfield

    Unfortunately as a league 2 club we are never going to hold on to our brightest stars for to long plus Exeter’s ethos is as such if a great opportunity comes along they will be allowed to move on Jay wasn’t signed here on pro terms Fulham paid us up without a tribunal then gave him the no 9...
  14. Langer

    Jay Stansfield

    What a great example of how to run a football club by the team at Fulham. Well played Jay.
  15. Langer

    Taunton PSF.

    Come on Tilson prove the doubters wrong !
  16. Langer

    Taunton PSF.

    If someone there can live stream it on periscope be much appreciated
  17. Langer

    Swansea PSF

    Because it wasn’t a proper game we don’t know what there instructions were they could of been working on holding shape or soaking up pressure or what ever.
  18. Langer

    Swansea PSF

    If you can predict the likely result against a league 2 side from what you’ve seen today you should be helping Gareth Southgate.
  19. Langer

    Swansea PSF

    Can’t believe so many people are surprised they looked much better than us get a grip many of there players cost millions.
  20. Langer

    Swansea PSF

    Check Swans Tv I’m sure there will be some sort coverage there’s a interview with MG on his return to Exeter.