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    Season tickets 2020/21

    Global marketing for a League 2 club? How much marketing have you seen from other 4th Division clubs from around the world? The club did well to link up with the Turkish 'youtuber' and get some coverage over there, does that count as global? Do you want them handing out flyers for the Trust in...
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    Former Players

    Struggled massively with injuries so far at Tranmere. Nasty one at the start of the season and then a couple minor ones when he was close to full fitness again. I’d take him back on loan, not sure about permanently with our recent luck on gambling with injured players. Definitely a player of a...
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Kalas, Omeruo, Hector, Aina left last season for a combined total of just under £25 million? How many games did they play for Chelsea?
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Maybe, and I hope so. Don’t get the praise Lampard received at the beginning of the season from the press, he was forced in to playing the youngsters with their transfer embargo (because of their dodgy dealing with youngsters). We will see in the summer what he is truly about. I don’t really...
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Said this a while ago, Leipzig’s performance this year is no shock, what were Chelsea thinking? Weren’t Villa supposed to be interested in the summer? Would have been a better place for him to develop surely... Problem is Chelsea do this all the time, buy young players and sell them for profit...
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    Former Players

    I like that he is still peddling the myth that we were always 1-0 up because of how smart he looked on touchline. Thought he might of realised how stupid it sounds by now!
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    Former Players

    *Ben Garner not Joe Dunne, Dunne followed Coughlan to Mansfield. Haven’t seen the article, but sounds about right from what I’ve heard. I work with a couple of Rover’s fans and they thought Nichols was good worker, and tidy on the ball. But they were desperate for someone to put the ball in net...
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    Walsall v Exeter City matchday thread

    I hope that Law isn’t stranded out on the wing like he was when Hiram came back in last season.
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    Ollie Watkins

    He did indeed, the only League Two player to ever win the award. It generally goes to Championship youngster.
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    Flybe Struggling (as ever)

    If the contract was null and void then I would agree with Jimmy. Of course its sad to see what has happened to Flybe and we owe a lot to them for their years of sponsorship. But they don't gain anything from us playing the remaining games with their logo on our shirt. So putting a charity on the...
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    WTF does Matt Jay have to do to get in the side???

    If were claiming Ogbene was a striker then you'd have to claim Williams was one also! As has already been said, quality strikers are hard to sign. If they score more than 20 in League Two you can guarantee a League One club will be coming in to poach them next season, or in January as with...
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    Exeter City v Crewe Matchday Thread

    Paul McCallum turned us down to move to Solihull Moors. Realistically who are we signing that’s better than Bowman? He’s 5th top scorer in the league, behind 3 players we could never afford (Doyle, Yates, Maynard) and Ollie Palmer.
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    Exeter City v Crewe Matchday Thread

    I think it’s easy to argue players like that would have gotten us promoted, Stockley proved he was too good for League Two with us twice, and Cureton banged goals in for us in League One. Taylor would never be able to sign a striker like either of these.
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    Exeter City v Crewe Matchday Thread

    If we had a Dickenson type player in Sweeney's role we'd be a bit exposed. I'm no Sweeney fan, but he gives Williams the ability to forget about his defensive duties.
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    Exeter City v Crewe Matchday Thread

    Like MT said on Saturday, we are too reliant on Williams creating chances for us. We can all bemoan the lack of quality striker, and yes Bowman isn't a leading League Two goalscorer. But he is clearly being asked to chase these long balls down either wing, it makes it very hard for him to end up...
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    Exeter City v Crawley Town Matchday Thread

    I think looking at how the Crawley defender goes down makes it clear that he made contact, so it should have been a pen. Have to say that on the day I didn’t think it was a pen from my view on the bank though.
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    Automatic Promotion

    Superb Work! Wow, didn't realise how awful Mansfield had been until seeing this, could have been involved in a serious relegation battle if it wasn't for Bury. Chucking money at League Two hasn't really worked this season for a few teams.
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    3 points is all that matters to me. I won’t be complaining if we deployed ‘unlawful’ tactics at Home Park to hold on to a win. I’m not sure many will. I feel as City fans we feel so aggrieved because we haven’t been a side who have used these tactics in recent years. Refs haven’t punished these...
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    I can't see the rugby style physio idea working. In rugby the play is generally focused in one area and there is time for the medic to come on and aide the player, however football goes back and forth so quickly they'd bound to be in the way more often than not. I think this whole debate will...
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    Northampton Town v Exeter City - Matchday Thread

    I love an MT post match interview. Like i8 says he stopped short of calling out individuals, but he made it clear who needs to buck their ideas up. Sweeney can be atrocious sometimes, and that was so stupid today! Problem is he can provide a good outlet behind Williams, is Warren good enough on...