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  1. Coppers

    Whats happened to Exeweb?

    I must admit I'm not a regular poster but I do enjoy reading the debate and feedback from city fans from games on the match day thread but there seems to be very little contribution these days with the page count barely going into double figures. There was a time when we would get somewhere...
  2. Coppers

    QPR Capital One Cup 2 for 1 big bank

    I saw on the official site something about buy one get one free for this match but can't find any more about it. Anyone no any more?
  3. Coppers

    Rovers ticket wanted

    Pm me if you have one spare. Thanks.
  4. Coppers

    Terrace ticket wanted for rovers

    Desperate for a ticket for tomorrow night. Pm me. Thanks.
  5. Coppers

    Wanted: terrace ticket rovers match

    My wife gave birth to our first child last week and have been in two minds whether to go rovers but would like to go now, if anyone has a spare ticket for 15quid I will collect locally this evening? Hope someone can help!
  6. Coppers

    Programmes at Rotherham

    Baring in mind they only get 2,000 home attendance and we will take several thousand will they have up'd there order to account for all us city fans? Surely they will print more than normal.