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    EFL Trophy - do we need to enter? Having been able to forget about this thing for the second half of last season, this has just reminded me that it will be rearing its ugly head again come August. Does anyone know if we are actually obliged to enter? is it compulsory with EFL...
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    Very clever idea? Imagine a couple outside the odeon before the next big cup tie. Would it make less frequent visitors to SJP pick up a shirt when they might not have braved the crowds around the club...
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    Scott Golbourne

    Surprised to see he is a free agent!
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    Exeter City vrs Crewe Matchday Thread 16/09/17

    Not started one of these in years! After the heroics on tuesday going for a 3-1 win. Reid x 2 and Moxey to bag a late one.
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    Aerial View of the Cat & Fiddle

    Bit of a long shot but I was wondering if anybody happened to have a reasonable quality image of the aerial view of the training ground since the 3G pitch went in? It is for my dissertation on the EPPP regulations. Thanks in advance! Matt
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    TAB and James Dunne Tribunal Fees

    This may be old news but whilst researching my dissertation I came across information on TAH and Dunne's tribunal figures. Personally I've only ever seen estimates of what they ultimately went for so thought this might be of some interest. TROY ARCHIBALD-HENVILLE Troy signed for Exeter City in...
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    Pubs in Nottingham Showing tonight's game

    Any Nottingham based Grecian manage to find somewhere to watch the game on Sunday? This red button milarky is a right pain in the bum.
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    Are we actually underachieving?

    I tend to be more of a quiet observer on these pages rather than a commenter, but one thing that has stuck at me this season is the growing number of fans who have become dissatisfied with our manager, our board, or whomever may fit between them. While there have always been people seemingly...
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    John-Joe O'Toole?

    Free agent after Rovers relegation. Could be out of our budget, but cant help thinking that between Gow, Richards, O'flynn and Parkin there has to be some money left in the kitty for a player like that?
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    Will we sign anyone?

    So I know that the club are a bit skint, and the plan has been to go with the youth products, which I'm very much in favour of, but I'm sure everyone agrees that to finish anywhere above mid table the chances are we will need one or two incoming players, particularly with gosling and a couple of...
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    Exeter City Vs Swindon Town Matchday Thread

    Love the traditional Boxing day fixture. After a great win last week i'm very hopeful of another today. Going for a 3-1 win with a 6,301 crowd. Cureton to get 2, logie to get the other.
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    Paul Tisdale

    Everyone else has been getting the plaudits today, i thought we should once again recognise our great leader. Bringing on Dunne was a master-stroke. His ball winning efforts allowed Harley, Noble and Sercombe to play the quick, passing football we all know and love. I also thing he did well to...
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    More bad news for the scum

    Much as i enjoy seeing them hovering above the relegation zone, wouldn't want to see them wound up. reckon they'll come to us for help setting up their own trust? On the plus side it secures a devon derby for a few...
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    Did anyone else see that dog?

    Did anyone else see that dog doing a number two on the scum's pitch while they proceeded to disgrace themselves? made me chuckle.
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    Bristol Rovers Matchday Thread

    Going to be a tough day, but lets celebrate Stanno's great life in football. UTC
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    Marley good value

    After seeing the new chants thread and seeing youtube of the Ajax fans singing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, was wondering if it would be worth the club investing in his album to play at games?
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    Going Down?

    I've had enough of all this doom and gloom. We're not down yet, we're in the driving seat, we can beat Huddersfield and I for one can't wait. Whats the point of worrying about relegation when we could be preparing for the loudest day in the park's history? B*ll*cks to tension and nerves, thats...
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    A point from safety?

    Just having a look at the league table, realised that this saturday could easily secure us safety. If we get a point and tramnere lose to millwall, there would need to be something like a 20 goal swing on the final day for us to go down. That said however, if we lose on sat, we'll need a point...
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    Premiership Terracing

    Just watched Burnley v Pompey on MOTD. (get you money on portsmouth to saty up;)) Noticed that the Pompey faithful, who i am very impressed by, were standing on Terracing. Have i missed something here, have the rules been relaxed or did portsmouth fans nick the seats to raise some cash? I ask...
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    Stockport Vrs Torquay OFF

    Just been announced on 5live, gutted fot turkeys on their way up now. I heard Wasps and Sale refused to play on the pitch as it was too dangerous. Sounds like we were very lucky to finish the game and to finish it injury free. With a bit of luck we won't be going back there for a few seasons, as...