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    Team for Tuesday

    Chance to change all eleven? Maxted Cundy Warren Parkes Richardson Tillson Law Woodman Seymour Fisher Ajose (Though I think this doesn’t quite meet the rules, so perhaps Lee Holmes to start if fit)
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    Team for Coventry

    MT has made it clear there will be changes and plenty of them. It could be eleven changes ... Using a 3-5-2 Maxted Martin(A) Warren Cundy Holmes Jay Tillson Martin(L) Sparkes Fisher Seymour
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    City articles in When Saturday Comes

    Two articles on ECFC in the new edition of WSC, out this week.
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    Starting line up based on players under contract..

    I always like to see how the possible line up evolves over the summer. As of now.. Weale (!) Sweeney Martin A Moxey Woodman Taylor Collins Williams Law Martin A Bowman Subs Jack Arthur or Matt Taylor(!) Forte Holmes Jay tillson Hartridge Dean In reserve - Sparkes,Randall...
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    when we lose the leading scorer during the season

    I can only think of three examples- Last season when Wheeler left, but we got in Stockley and Boateng and finished fourth. Ten years ago we lost Mackie in January and Exeweb went into meltdown on deadline day with no replacement signed, but we went on to get promoted. In 89-90 we lost Dazza...
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    Tisdale to Manchester United?

    At this festive time, a reminder of threads past.with a new twist.
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    Who do you want in the next round?

    WBA or Aston Villa away. Nice easy trip for me. (Though I fear they may get shifted to the Northern section of the draw, as there are so many southern based Prem teams coming in to the second round)
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    when saturday comes - match of the month

    is our play off final -v coventry in the edition out this week...
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    Exeter City -v- Nobody At all Matchday Thread

    Following on last week's successful starting of the Matchday thread on a Friday, I've decided to repeat the magic! Apologies to last week's thread starter for stealing his gig but more than nine hours of Friday have already elapsed. OK I'll take the rap for a poor result, but I've rarely been...
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    Newport match prediction thread..

    First the line up. How many changes will Tis make?I'll go for three,but he could decide to make as many as eight. For example if Sweeney and Reid are fit then it could be just Pym,JMT and Boateng (or Stockiey) retained.So Pym Sweeney TAH JMT Woodman Edwards James Boateng Harley Reid McAlinden
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    JMT and Brown

    ...just so important to us that this pair both play. Hope JMT is OK here's the stats from last season**?team_id=947&teamTabs=results With both starting its W15 D8 L6 If not its W8 D3 L14 So if they're together...
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    Dean Moxey soon to sign for ECFC...

    according to the club (thought this deserved its own thread!)
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    2017-18 starting line up from signings to date

    A bit early for this thread but with 18 under contract already.. Let's also assume Ollie will be gone So.. Pym Sweeney Brown JMT Woodman Taylor James Wheeler Harley Holmes Reid (R) Subs Hamon Tillson McAlinden Jay Reid (J) Simpson Ampadu
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    a year ago today - Ollie watkins first league goal

    this evening marks the anniversary of Ollie's first League goal (courtesy of an assist from Clinton!) A year is a long time in football! In Jan and Feb last year Ollie was making the occasional appearance usually as a sub And its been quite a 12 months! The 22 goals and all those...
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    Notts County prediction thread

    it is this one that I have feared. After the emotion and exertions of the Argyle game.... As others have said,it is not that the run will come to an end,but what happens after the run is over I hope the club and team are focussing more on this than Exeweb appears to be!
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    Can Christy Pym revive his international career?

    (well,if we can't get carried away after this recent run...) Christy of course played for England Under 20 a couple of seasons back, but then lost his place in the side/squad (as well as in City's side) But in the recent run he's only conceded two goals in the last 8 games. England Under 21s...
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    January 2017 transfer window

    opens in a week's time....cue mounting hysteria from the media and panic buys by struggling sides.. At Exeter City I predict a flurry of interest in Ollie Watkins, but in terms of actual permanent moves in or out,there will be absolutely nothing...
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    'Tis issues thank you to supporters for sticking with the team' A welcome positive step. But this needs to go further. Tis needs now to praise the home supporters for sticking with the team/keeping coming to the extent they have and...
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    Oxford united -v- Exeter City checkatrade trophy official match day thread

    Have I missed it -hasn't this been started yet? Will City field a team of teenagers plus Oakley Woodman and Tisdale?
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    attendance guessing 2016-17

    Here's my version for this season. Only one number/guess needed.. of the total attendance for home competitive fixtures this season in League (including any home play off leg!) FACup, League Cup and Checkatrade/JPT replacement. So far a minimum of 26 games (23 league,Brentford and the...