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  1. jambo

    Exeter City v Stevenage : EFL Trophy : MDT

    A couple of words about Jaydon Richardson - he was much better last night than he has been of late (possibly because he was being played in his natural position); he also performed the flounciest teenage sulk I've seen in a good while, taking longer to walk around the perimeter of the pitch than...
  2. jambo

    Exeter City v Stevenage : EFL Trophy : MDT

    Amongst other things, there are two qualities that Joel Randall possesses which mark him out as a potential star for us in the future - first, time & again he makes, or finds, space for himself which allows him to create chances for others or for himself; second, he rarely gives possession away.
  3. jambo

    Nicky Ajose

    Easily his best outing in a City shirt - he looked noticeably sharper even than in the Ipswich game. He has a real finisher's instinct for goal, & he did a lot that was impressive last night. Linked up very well with Joel Randall, & looked like he had a good partnership with RyBo. He doesn't...
  4. jambo

    Exeter City v Ipswich Town : EFL Trophy : Match Day Thread.

    Agree both with what you say about Hartridge & Dyer, who were excellent at the back for us yesterday; & about Seymour. It was noticeable, by contrast, how often Joel Randall's anticipation allowed him to create openings into which he could run with the ball.
  5. jambo

    Exeter City v Ipswich Town : EFL Trophy : Match Day Thread.

    Yes - having weakly lost out around the half way line, he tracked all the way back, & made a superb last ditch tackle. Really good commitment, & outstanding technique.
  6. jambo

    Exeter City v Ipswich Town : EFL Trophy : Match Day Thread.

    A thoroughly enjoyable game - two decent teams creating plenty of chances. I liked how much Taylor wanted us to win. The senior pros in the midfield really bossed the game for us. That said, both Hartridge & Dyer (especially) were excellent. For a young defensive unit to cope so well against...
  7. jambo

    10 games of Christmas - best of the decade

    In fact, Craig Levein managed City for a day on this occasion.
  8. jambo

    The Penny Drops.

    When I bumped into him not an hour ago, lurking in the environs of St James Park, there was no evidence of any dropped pennies. As you'll appreciate, Elgin, I was scouring the vicinity, poised to pick up all & any put down pennies. There was a time when you could receive plaudits for picking up...
  9. jambo

    The Penny Drops.

    I can't help myself - I'm going to be falling & laughing until my dying day after reading that, Rosey. For the (flexi) record, the disc was Poor Old Soul. Which is how the jamblettes regard me, when I start to blether about Blue Peter, Orange Juice, Sounds & sticky back plastic.
  10. jambo

    The Penny Drops.

    I remember those. You'd always end up ripping half the front page off your copy of Sounds when you tried to pull the tape off. And the verso side of that page would just happen to contain details of the tour just announced by your favourite band, causing disproportionate consternation. I once...
  11. jambo

    The Penny Drops.

    I am obliged to present a logical objection, y'r honour. How can you tell the difference between sticky front tape and sticky back tape? And how can you prevent unscrupulous retailers from convincing naïve young fellas to buy one of each?
  12. jambo

    The Penny Drops.

    Hmmmm. Possibly. I thought that the point was it was sticky on both sides, so you could stick two things together. However, as noted, sticky front tape was the height of exotica in the Oxgangs badlands.
  13. jambo

    The Penny Drops.

    Nope, it was not sellotape. The thing they were talking about was sticky on both sides. In Oxgangs, sellotape was considered a luxury. Nobody had ever seen this exotic product that was sticky on both sides, & certainly, no shops sold it. However, I believe that it could be purchased in...
  14. jambo

    Politics Today

    Because, in the British constitution, referenda are advisory, whereas Parliament is sovereign.
  15. jambo

    Jay Stansfield

    When frustrated spiritualist John Varley asked William Blake whether he'd ever seen a spirit, Blake answered that the ghost of a flea was, at that very moment, confronting him. Varley, stunned, asked if Blake could describe the apparition to him. Blake declined, but offered instead to paint a...
  16. jambo

    Bowman signs

    This is partially correct. Certainly, the Well fans liked Bowman's effort, commitment, & team-player mentality. He had a good partnership with his fellow striker a couple of seasons ago, & both players flourished. However, he has struggled more recently, & Well fans were not overly disappointed...
  17. jambo

    Former Players

    Elliott Frear played just over an hour for Motherwell in their Scottish League Cup loss to Hearts at Tynecastle. (Jimmy Dunne was playing for the home team, but he's no relation). Frear has, apparently, appeared now in around 40 games in the year & a half or so that he's been with Motherwell.
  18. jambo

    Ryan Harley

    Harley was one of the main reasons our Club was able to reach the upper regions of League 1 - but he has been a pale shadow of that inspirational player since his return. Tagg's statements are usually masterclasses in how to say nothing with as many words as possible. By contrast, these words...
  19. jambo

    Update on the SJP works

    Is this what is known as "Noggin the NOG"?