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  1. greciansontour

    An apology!

    After starting the thread 'sack the groundsman' I do now realise it was totally inappropriate Had quite a few on board Saturday and the last thing I wish for is people losing their jobs! Yes are pitch isn't great and I'm sure the groundsman more than anyone wants it ripped up and started...
  2. greciansontour

    Sack the groundsman

    Our pitch is horrific and we are becoming the new Newport . more mud than grass on it. .. all this chat about how much we have spent on it, well it should be good with a decent greenkeeper looking after it. Being a qualified groundsman myself I would be embarrassed to Present our pitch on a...
  3. greciansontour

    He's officially lost the plot!!

    Only gone and compared Craig woodman to franz beckenbaur!
  4. greciansontour

    A request

    Please please stay away from the Luton game An attendance of just away fans may wake the board up to rid the club of this nonsense Surely every city fan can find something else to do next Saturday The way the club is run is completely untenable
  5. greciansontour

    Tisdales health

    Just seen his post match interview and jeez the man looks ill Obviously feeling the pressure of the nonsense that has become Exeter city football club and whilst the blame for the awful home form lies with him the club need to act fast and relieve him of his duties I personally won't go to...
  6. greciansontour

    If (when) we lose tomorrow

    If we lose another home game tomorrow or even draw it then surely there can be no more excuses and tisdale has to walk That would be mid November and not a single home win which is truly shocking In my opinion we could absolutely batter them for 90 mins, lose 1 nil and there would still be no...
  7. greciansontour

    Ground redevelopment?

    So what's the latest? Seems to of gone quiet Guess we are stuck with the ramshackle for the foreseeable future
  8. greciansontour

    Fans boycott?

    For far too long now we have had to put him with pathetic home performances, and the home win ratio over the past 3 or so seasons can't be far from the worst in the football league. When were we last comfortable at half time, or during the latter stages of a game. Worse still is how bloody...
  9. greciansontour

    Newport away

    I know it's a while off but Just wondered why Newport away is on a Sunday.. As it was last year? Is there any reason for this. Just checked the fixtures as have a mate in Cardiff who wants to come along
  10. greciansontour

    The pitch

    Having watched the football league show we clearly have the worst pitch in the football league. The ground staff should be embarrassed to present that on a Saturday afternoon. Ok we have had a shocking winter but why can other clubs work on theirs and ours looks like it's had nothing done to it...