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  1. Langer

    Counter Attack.

    Hiya can you guys fill me in with the new guidelines on the counter attack/break on as I always thought the idea was to get the ball forward quickly and take advantage of the numerical amount of players before the opposition catch up many thanks :-)
  2. Langer

    SJP redevelopment Plan A/B discussion

    If it wasn't for the old secret handshake club it would be a listed building.
  3. Langer

    Chris Eubank Jr

    Live on Channel 5 if there's any interest
  4. Langer

    Deserved credit to top Welsh city players :-)

    1. Christian Roberts(Genius on his day) 2. Chris Todd (Top Defender) 3.Chris Holloway(Shame about the drink drive) 4. Ribs(Better to come?) 5. ???
  5. Langer

    Thoughts of Paul Buckle.

    I would be interested to know what people think of Paul ? I think he done some good work for our club at a differcult time but there's something about me that thinks he a bit of a tit.
  6. Langer

    City and Leeds to go down.

    Mate at work has put £20 on City and Leeds to go down return is £628 :)
  7. Langer

    Referee punched at Devon football match.

    A football referee has been taken to hospitial after being punched by a player during a match in Devon.
  8. Langer

    Question of the Evening.

    If City are safe by the time we play Torquay in a few weeks and Torquay could stay up should we let them win ?
  9. Langer

    Exeweb more active lately?

    What a hive of activity Exeweb has been over the past four of five days is the impending start of the season? or excitement of the friendly games kicking off ? or perhaps a bit of both :)
  10. Langer

    Young Guns

    With a fair few of the younger players expected to be in the first team anyone got any details of there youth record who is the most prolific or one to watch? :)
  11. Langer

    League 2 Relegation Betting Odds :(

    Most Popular Bets. Southend (22/1) Newport County (7/1) Exeter (12/1) Morecambe (5/1) AFC Wimbledon (5/2) Who`s worth a tenner you decide? :)
  12. Langer

    Scott Neville

    Son of Steve the weave right back playing in Australia in the same side as Emile Hesky :)
  13. Langer

    Francis Jeffers.

    I have heard from a trusted source we are having a look at Francis Jeffers still only 31 the prolific marksman still has fire in his belly and a point to prove at this level. Willing to take a wage cut as long as the deal wasnt largely made up of goal bonus.
  14. Langer

    Tyson Fury.

    Fighting on Sat will watch as its on chanel 5 so is free but know he isnt a great fighter only been in with bums and over the hill losers so far Wladimer Klitschko or Vitali Klitschko will ko the bum in seconds.
  15. Langer

    Blow up a pumpkin.

    I am having some fireworks on Sat and as my finale im gona blow up a pumpkin we got left over i was thinking of puting a rocket with the stick snapped off in it passing the fuse out thu a hole that i will drill then taping the lid on can anyone think of a better of blowing one up thanks in...
  16. Langer

    Exeter City football clubs cutbacks.

    Everywhere else is doing it theres 40 non-playing staff listed inside the front cover of the programme some of there job titles look like jobs for the boys imo i not gona name names but i reckon we could get rid of 15/20% of them and it would make no deference to our position in the league. What...
  17. Langer

    Enoch Powell (1912-1998)

    Google him hes right about everything thats happened or is happening now. To think we used to rule the waves this country is a f*cking disgrace. My advise for anyone with a trade is get to Aus before your 48 years old as after that they dont really want you.
  18. Langer

    Spam of the day!!

    I honestly had this in my inbox today. From: Llyods tbs online banking Subject: Llyods tbs online banking departmental notification. I didnt open it but ffs has anyone had a sh*tter con than that?
  19. Langer

    David Haye V Wladimir Klitschko.

    Can`t see him winning this one tbh a step to far imho. Anyone know who`s showing it online. -------
  20. Langer

    F*ck Greece and Africa.

    We are Paying millions to bail out Greece and millions so the people in Africa dont get the sh*ts and theres Ex-servicemen sleeping ruff on our streets lets look after our own ffs.