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    Tagg's Trust AGM speech - 3 option

    Tagg at the Trust AGM outlined 3 routes that the Club can take and calls on the Trust to give him an instruction. I copy the options below. The full transcript of the speech is here: 1.We could do nothing and accept where that...
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    Wage structure

    A post on another thread got me thinking what our current wage structure would look like. Now I think our baseline playing budget is approx £1.2m per year, and we are currently topping that up to the tune of £500k per season (for the next couple of years) due to recent transfer income. That...
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    Anthony Payne...

    was one of the three old bauys murdered in Exeter this week. He was a City fan. RIP Grecian.
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    I love the array of flags that we take to away games (as witnessed at Morecambe). Visually it makes a real impact. Proper job.
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    New Manager's Job Description

    If the MK rumours are true, it looks like Tis is off to pastures new. I'd be fascinated to see the job description for his replacement. In a very simplistic view there are two priorities for the new manager. 1) First team results. 2) Generating our own players that we can sell for profit. On...
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    Wembley travel costs

    £87 Exeter to Paddington on a fast train or £63 on the Waterloo line (which takes over 4 hrs each way). Alternatively it’s £40 on a Club coach (no concessions). Not cheap is it!?
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    Jack Stafford This is interesting. This lad has signed a 2 year scholarship with ECFC, despite living in Cheshire and having offers much closer to home. It says a lot about perceptions of our Academy. Great stuff and good luck to the lad.
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    Stevenage beam back

    I note that Arg*le are selling tickets to watch their next couple of away games on a big screen at Gnome Park. They are allowed to do this because they have sold their away allocation for the actual game. IF City sell our allocation for Stevenage, would there be interest in watching the game in...
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    Random question(s)... I know our highest ever attendance at SJP was just shy of 21k vs Sunderland in 1931, however what is the highest attendance at SJP for a league match? Similarly, I'd be interested to know the following: Highest crowd ever to watch an ECFC game (the 67k at Old Trafford...
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    Club AGM and Financial report
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    Barnet tickets £25

    Just noticed that the adult ticket is £25 for this game, with seemingly no discounts in advance. That really is outrageous for tier 4 football.
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    3 home wins in 12 months (24 games)

    Since 26th September 2015... Exeter City 0–2 Wycombe Wanderers Exeter City 3–3 Stevenage Exeter City 1–0 Cambridge United Exeter City 1–1 Notts County Exeter City 2–2 Crawley Town Exeter City 1–1 Bristol Rovers Exeter City 2–3 Luton Town Exeter City 0–2 AFC Wimbledon Exeter City 1–2 Dagenham &...
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    ECFC films

    The Club are doing SJP 360s for all our home games I think they are excellent.
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    New Corporate Brochure
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    2 new signings
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    Chiefs at Twickenham

    Anyone else going?
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    The future of the Club

    As a Club what are we trying to achieve? The sense that I get, is that the Club is increasingly more interested in developing players, who go on and (hopefully) make a name for themselves in the future. Youth development has always been Taggy’s ‘baby’ and now there’s talk of significant...
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    Do we have a full list of all our injured players at the moment, what their respective injuries are and how long they are expected to be out for?
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    One ticket per priority member

    Just a plea to the club to only allow one ticket for each member of the gold/silver/bronze priority groups. That way every priority member should get a ticket. If it's two tickets per priority member presumably some could miss out.
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    SJP redevelopment

    Any news on the second phase of the consultation, which was supposed to happen during September I recall? I’ve just been on the redevelopment website, and nothing seems to have been updated for a number of months. Things seem to have gone very quiet…