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  1. Coppers

    Exeter v Crawley discussion thread

    Only 180 seated tickets left for tomorrow, I'm not surprised given that every scout group in Exeter seems to have tickets. I think it's a good idea, hope they come back!
  2. Coppers

    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Why won't we get any more money? If he plays for Chelsea they have to pay us more money, if they don't think he is good enough for Chelsea then he will be sold and we will get th 20% sell on. I know we got stitched up through the tribunal but to say we won't get any more money is wrong. Unless...
  3. Coppers

    Exeter City v Stevenage : EFL Trophy : MDT

    Neither club will get any of the gate receipts unfortunately but 100k for the winner.
  4. Coppers

    Exeter v Grimsby discussion thread

    Ollies first home game in charge, it would be great if we could go and spoil the party. According to Ollie their new signing is different gravy so will need to keep him quiet.
  5. Coppers

    Ollie Watkins

    I suppose the worry is they get promoted and he goes nowhere.
  6. Coppers

    Exeter City V Newport County Match Day -Boxing Day Thread.

    Nothing to do with Lee Martin being slow to get in the box, the chance would have not come about without his great pass in the build up which put the ball out wide for Randall. Brilliant!
  7. Coppers

    Hartlepool United v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    So there is Radio Devon coverage according to this.
  8. Coppers

    Hartlepool United v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    No Radio Debon commentary!!! Gutted!
  9. Coppers

    Whats happened to Exeweb?

    Oh right, more posts on a page, not so bad then. I will try to contribute a bit more.
  10. Coppers

    Whats happened to Exeweb?

    I must admit I'm not a regular poster but I do enjoy reading the debate and feedback from city fans from games on the match day thread but there seems to be very little contribution these days with the page count barely going into double figures. There was a time when we would get somewhere...
  11. Coppers

    Tranmere Rovers v Exeter City matchday thread

    I thought it was a 3 match ban for a 2nd red card in a season.
  12. Coppers

    Jonathan Forte Signs

    Re: Jonthan Forte Signs Scored a perfect hat trick in 2012 against Charlton, Matt Taylor in defence and Hamer in goal for Charlton.
  13. Coppers

    Transfer rumour Louis-Michel Yamfam

    I can see some truth in this with Matt's links to Charlton.
  14. Coppers

    Exeter City vrs Crewe Matchday Thread 16/09/17

    Sue's home baked cakes made the win even more special 😃
  15. Coppers

    Morecambe v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Just been discussing this with a colleague in the office as it is not a goal on the break that I expect to see us get away. Its the sort of goal we should be able to carve out at home as Morecambe were sitting quite deep. Hopefully we can start to carve out chances like this at SJP!
  16. Coppers

    Fallout between Tisdale and players after Luton...

    I heard the same story from someone close to the club prior to anything being posted on hear so I believe there is some truth in it. If anyone looked across to the touchline at the full time whistle against Luton Tis was going mental! never seen anything like it. I heard that was all to do...
  17. Coppers

    City featured in the Mail on Sunday

    Interesting comments at the bottom of the article about our season ticket pricing!
  18. Coppers

    QPR Capital One Cup 2 for 1 big bank

    I saw on the official site something about buy one get one free for this match but can't find any more about it. Anyone no any more?
  19. Coppers

    Cureton signs for Rovers

    I've heard he has signed for Leyton Orient on a 1 year contract .