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  1. tom5984

    Oakley, Doherty, Gow & Sercombe

    Although these 4 are a great miss I still think Bennett would start if all these were fit too. He's been practically the only ever present this season in the midfield.
  2. tom5984

    Luke O'Brien of Bradford City signing next week?

    If he does sign, think BJ will leave?
  3. tom5984

    Oldham Athletic FC vs Exeter City FC Matchday Thread

    Draw away from home is good, its the home draws that should be wins that need to change to ensure survival.
  4. tom5984

    Exeter City v Hartlepool United Official Matchday Thread

    I never aimed it at you. I asked Artur a general question. But if the cap fits....... I also do not think there is anything wrong with voicing your opinion on a club forum. That's basically what its for. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just don't think players should be responding to...
  5. tom5984

    Exeter City v Hartlepool United Official Matchday Thread

    Why do you feel the need to answer back to these morons criticisms? Players only have to be good in the eyes of the manager to ensure they play. For every 1 moron who says you are not good enough their are at least 10 that are happy with your performances. But most importantly you're impressing...
  6. tom5984

    Tisdale or Warnock?

    I think he has a house in the stoke climsland area near Callington. A few season back their local side used to play with a full crystal palace kit that had been given to them by Colin.
  7. tom5984

    Tisdale or Warnock?

    You're a bit of a Colin.
  8. tom5984

    Short Corners

    Depends what the score is and what time in the match. Hoofing it into the box is a 65% - 35% in favour of defence. And of that 35% I'd say less than 1 in 10 will result in a goal. Worth a gamble if you need a goal or team has a height advantage on the defence. But if your winning by a small...
  9. tom5984

    James Dunne & Liam Sercombe

    Wonder what his shots to goals ratio is?
  10. tom5984

    If Tis and his team are that bad....

    Pete, What makes you such an expert on keepers? You always seem to criticise but you rarely have anything constructive to say or suggest to help these keepers improve. Are their any actual keepers that you think are good? Keepers will make less mistakes in a game than players. The problem is...
  11. tom5984

    Chesterfield Prediction Thread

    Team tis will play same team as Yeovil but Bauza for Taylor. Team I'd play 3-5-2 --------------Krysiak------------------ -------Duffy--Troy--Bennett------- Sercs---Dunne----Noble-----Golbs -----------------Bauza------------------ -----------Nards-----Logan-----------
  12. tom5984

    Chesterfield Prediction Thread

    Bore draw written all over it. Last 5 games form guide in reverse order. 24. Notts County 23. Exeter 22. Chesterfield Both teams will be happy with a point. Or I'm guessing one of Troy, Artur or Tully fook right up and gift them a goal for 1-0.
  13. tom5984

    Exeter City FC v Yeovil Town FC Matchday Thread

    Clever? Clever? Theres nothing clever about drawing to a team we should be beating with a plss poor performance week after week. It can't be that clever as Nards hasn't scored from cutting in and Taylor hardly gets in behind and bangs any goals in, does he?
  14. tom5984

    Tisdale and Youth

    The youth should get a chance. With the current crop of players we will be relegated. Chuck in the likes of Frear, Bennett, Nichols for a couple of games, see what they can do as they can't do much worse than the untouchables are at the moment. Give them a couple of games to stake a claim. It...
  15. tom5984

    Tisdale - post match

    I'm all for encouragement and trying to keep a positive attitude. However its getting to a point where mediocrity is being praised. We haven't won since tranmere and the softly softly approach cannot be justified all the time. Someone needs to send a few rockets at a few arses. The players are...
  16. tom5984

    Exeter City FC v Yeovil Town FC Matchday Thread

    Bollox....... if we can't win games like that at home we're doomed. Something needs to change.
  17. tom5984

    Exeter City FC v Yeovil Town FC Matchday Thread

    A draw will still be a poor result. Chuck another striker on and go for broke. He who dares, wins.
  18. tom5984

    Exeter City FC v Yeovil Town FC Matchday Thread

    Tis will be delighted that we are winning the possession 51%-49% at the moment.
  19. tom5984

    Exeter City FC v Yeovil Town FC Matchday Thread

    1 shot each after 25 mins. Sounds entertaining. Looks like both teams are playing for a draw.