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  1. ExeterCitysRealDeal

    Luke Young from Torquay??

    Probably a load of rubbish but had a look at the lot down the roads forum to see the bitterness about the Grimes fee when I came across this thread on there ( A load of rubbish or any legs in it? Personally I think he would be decent in...
  2. ExeterCitysRealDeal

    Who would you rather be now & in the future? Sean Goss (Man Utd) or Matt Grimes?

    With Mr Grimes likely to be living his final 24 hours as an Exeter City player I thought it would be interesting to see what everybody's thoughts were on which one of Sean Goss ex Exeter City academy now at Man Utd or Matt Grimes soon to be Swansea City(?) made the right decision for their...
  3. ExeterCitysRealDeal

    Best case scenaro incoming finance by 01/01/2015 = £2million. How would you spend it?

    IF today's developments are correct we have the potential (no guarantee) of getting in around £2million of external finance by 01/01/2015 made up of £1.75m for Grimes and £250k from the Transfer Fund (good luck that man!!!). IF it all comes off, how would you spend it if you were in control of...
  4. ExeterCitysRealDeal

    Is it time for the 'Trust/Us' to man up and be serious about owning our club???

    Right before I start this isn't a dig at the Trust who have done an excellent job in the past of saving the club and helping to steady the ship to allow us to move onto the point we are now at. BUT it is now plainly obvious that the Trust as club owners has to start finding ways of getting some...
  5. ExeterCitysRealDeal

    If the season started tomorrow

    ................. and a) We could only sign one more player, who realistically would you want us to sign and why? Where do you think the current (confirmed signed up) squad plus your one player would finish the season? Personally I would go with Ben Hamer as I think we already have enough...
  6. ExeterCitysRealDeal

    Danny Seabourne to Sheffield United: Do we have a sell on clause?

    I have just come across the link below on the Sky Sports transfer clockwatch and I was wondering if we had a sell on clause in the deal that took Danny to Southampton? Might be a nice bonus for the club if it did and from the fact that he seems to be in and out of the side at the moment, if the...