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  1. Exe on Valdez

    Where did it all go right?

    Tempting fate before the Barnet match, but it really has been a great start to the season. Two key changes, for me, are the age of the players and nobody is playing out of position. Both of these have been gripes about Tisdale in the last few years. I believe that our oldest regular starter...
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    I am fed up with it. My name is Aubrey St Quinton Gideon Farquhar and I am the deputy head of the BBC Dumbing Down Unit. Who are ya? Peace out. Aubrey
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    In case you were planning ahead for City's annual pre-season visit, Weston have announced their PSFs and we are not included. Tisdale must have taken his eye of the ball.
  4. Exe on Valdez

    Football at midnight

    Last fixture 3pm kick off This one 5.30 Next one 6.30 The one after 7.45 Shirley it will be a midnight start at Wembley. * * Subject to alteration whenever Sky feel like it, of course.
  5. Exe on Valdez

    The new one pound coin

    Am I the only Exewebber yet to have seen one of these? I am beginning to believe that the whole thing is just a rumour.
  6. Exe on Valdez

    Brent To move in on Yelverton

    I have heard on the grapevine that James Brent is preparing an offer to buy out City's development partners Yelverton. Having failed to build the hotel he wanted as part of the Home Park redevelopment, he sees the opportunity to change the planning permission for the SJP student housing to a...
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    Terrible! Other Exeweb users are reading my posts. ChairmanLez is behind this. It is most un-American. If I trusted the fake Internet Police I would report it to them. But they are fake. Its a disaster. Sort it out Lezgate! Before you ask, I have no proof. But the future of Exeweb is at risk...
  8. Exe on Valdez

    Potential departures?

    With the Chinese league transfer window closing on Tuesday, which City players would you like to send half way round the world? I realise we are not likely to collect a fee.
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    Another great Exeweb debate

    When you eat a slice of toast spread with "I can't believe its not butter", do you believe that it is butter or do you believe that it is not butter that you are eating? I genuinely need help with this issue because I am not sure what I believe. Thank you all in advance.
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    Chas and Dave: The great Exeweb debate

    Everyone knows those chirpy cockney songsmiths with their distinctive rabbit. But what if it wasn't Chas AND Dave but Chas OR Dave instead? Which one would you pick?
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    I see this Exeweb stalwart has been removed from his moderation duties after years of performing an admirable service keeping the great Exeweb unwashed in their place and playing nicely. This is a disgusting may of treating one of Exeweb's elder statesmen. (Sorry for the mention of your old...
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    It is nearly that time of year so its time for an Exeweb debate. Personally I am considering starting a Facebook campaign to ban them, but what do you think? Wasps - for or against? And why.
  13. Exe on Valdez

    Rapscallions gone?

    Has the Rapscallion been eliminated from Exeweb too? Him and WMM both gone, two of the better posters disappeared.
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    I have forgotten my password and can't log on.
  15. Exe on Valdez

    What is the biggest problem facing the world today

    it has to be worse than City being in the rellegation zone or it dosnt count. GO
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    How can I get a ticket?

    I have been doing charity work abroadand just found out that there is a big match tommorow. I think I was in hospital when the drawer was made,but it could have been when I was volunteering in an animal rescue centre, turning atack dogs into loving pets. Anyway I am a reel fan. Apart from the...
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    Which Liverpool star are you looking forward to seeing?

    for me its David N'Gog, becuase his name makes me laugh
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    Give me a yay

    or a nay. Why did this Exeweb institution die? Answer me that, or get a bloody yay or nay going FFS
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    Favourite Mods

    This is the thread that everyone has been waiting for. So who is your favourite/least fave Exeweb moderator? Mods - could you make this sticky and setup a poll please. :D
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    I have heard that this is the hobby of choice for the younger generation. Even footballers are giving it a go.Does anybody know of any locally based clubs or societies I can join?Sounds like fun.