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  1. spanky

    Banter base and personal attacks/abuse

    Ladies and Gents, Over the past few days personal disagreements between rival fans have taken over Banter Base. At Exeweb towers, we are delighted that Greens feel the need to air their dirty linen on our boards. It makes us proud that, in fact, it is us, and only us, that offers a platform of...
  2. spanky

    Banter Base

    Gentlemen/Ladies, It has become increasingly apparent of late that Banter Base is descending into nothing more than chat room. Can I kindly point out that it is for banter. If you would like to have a little chat, use the Private Message function, please. If I see any more "I'm off out"...
  3. spanky


    A little South African "pitch invader" finds himself manhandled by security. I really love what happens next...
  4. spanky

    Multiple accounts.

    This morning I have banned two users for creating multiple accounts. These accounts were not only unnecessary, but have created a significant amount of work and problems this morning. Whilst we appreciate that on occasion these accounts can be amusing, it is against the policy of the forums to...
  5. spanky

    Porkus gets around...

    And seems to have morphed into an international cricket coach... Please see exhibit a) Australia Cricket Coach, Darren Lehmann and exhibit b) Snot Rag's super-fan, Ian Newall Uncanny...
  6. spanky

    Mr Tisdale has... unwavering support. That is all.
  7. spanky

    Failed Football Coaching Scheme

    Describes Exeter City as being involved. I'm surprised that there isn't a thread about this?!?! What was the clubs involvement, and at what point did it become aware that something was wrong? What has happened to the students that enrolled at ECFC?
  8. spanky

    What to do next?!?

    Long shot I know... Spankers has had enough of these long Polish winters, and so, with next one rapidly approaching, is seeking an end to his annual nightmare. He'd much prefer the delights of Blighty's drizzle. So, on that note, does anybody know of any jobs going in the sales industry? I...
  9. spanky

    Jone Samuelsen

    Scores with a header from his own half... Quality!
  10. spanky

    Just how low...

    Has anybody every stooped to con or cheat you? To give you the backdrop for posing such a question; Last Tuesday a relatively new employee asked to leave work as his 4 year old son had been rushed to hospital. Naturally, we let him leave immediately, even offering to take him to his child...
  11. spanky


    Unknown, new faces at the C & F today?
  12. spanky

    It would seem...

    ... that the rumoured money problems at the Gas have been a little exaggerated. See this link.
  13. spanky

    One size fits all

    A shop I walked past earlier this afternoon...
  14. spanky

    Big Sam 'n West Ham

    A major clash of footballing philosophies, or a match made in heaven? It'll all go up in bubbles, I'm tellin' ya! Discuss...
  15. spanky

    Thank you

    To Paul Tisdale and all the footballing backroom staff, all the players from yesterday's debutant Tom Nicholls to the effervescent player of the year Jamie Cureton, all the non-football club staff, directors, trustees, BoSsers and most of all my fellow supporters, the most heartfelt thank you I...
  16. spanky

    My Tribute to Tony.

    This is what legends do...
  17. spanky

    The New Proposed Academy System

    How would this effect City, and is it good for the future of the game? Personally, the sooner the "big clubs" f*ck off and leave the real sport to the likes of us, the better. But like I say, that's my personal view.
  18. spanky

    Your favourite, obscure, City supporting moment

    Mine... Circa 1990/91 91/92. Big Kev haring out of his box to clear, at the speed of a beached whale, and mincing Iffy Onuora of the Udders. I think we waited about 10 minutes for him to come around afterwards. I'm sure I heard the crunch from the back of the Bank. What's yours?
  19. spanky

    The Liam McNamara "I love Tisdale" thread...

    :-O Doh! :$ We're so sh*t it's unbelievable... 8-) P.S. Have a beer and chill Liam. It ain't worth a cardiac arrest. :D
  20. spanky

    Good luck Gulls

    Never thought I'd say it openly (or even behind closed doors for that matter), but really, really mash those little chavs today... Purleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. [y]